Free Home Spa Treatments for Moms… sort of

free home spa treatments for moms

It’s funny, I didn’t realize that I have never gotten a spa treatment until I sat down to write this post. I have had a massage because I had sciatica and that was the one effective way I found to relieve the pain. I had a manicure and pedicure before my wedding. But I have never been to a spa just to relax and be pampered. And with a full-blown toddler and a soon-to-be toddler at home, I don’t think I will make it to a spa in the next few years. Hence, I will have to make-do with these free home spa treatments for moms.

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The Road Rage Massage:

Inspired by my son’s everlasting love for cars, trucks, and everything with wheels, this massage targets random parts of your back and may also include your head, butt, calves – really, anything is game. Lay on your stomach and relax while your kids roll their cars all over you with various pressures that help improve your circulation and stimulate your senses. You may want to wear a shirt to avoid any nicks that may be caused by certain types of vehicles such as a forklift. Our recommended shirt has tracks on the back that would ensure the vehicles do not run amuck and focus the massage on your back.

The Stroll in the Park Massage:

Designed to relieve pain and increase mobility, this vigorous treatment involves your kids walking all over you with their little feet. Inspired by the ashiatsu technique, this massage requires delicate balance and utilizes the healing power of the feet to recharge your chi. Try to relax and do your best not to move, because one twitch of the muscle may cause your kid to lose balance and use you to break his or her fall.

The Leap of Faith Massage:

Perhaps the most intense massage method of all times, this massage requires your kid to jump onto your back in order to apply deep pressure to sore spots. Depends on your preference, the pressure may be as light as level 1, where the kid jumps from the ground, or level 1000, where the kid jumps from the top of the couch onto your back. Whatever level you pick, just do not fall asleep and roll over – and this applies to both moms and dads.

Mud Bath

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Rain, rain, do not go away! Rain means lots of mud and lots of mud means… mud bath! Mud baths are known to alleviate arthritis and symptoms of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. Simply bring your kids to a muddy area and situate yourself on the ground and let your kids do whatever their little hearts desire with the mud. Soon, you will be covered head to toe in mud, as well as your kids. You may want to bring goggles to avoid getting mud in your eyes.

Steam Facial

A steam facial helps get all the dirt and blackheads out of your pores. The beauty of a steam facial is that there are so many ways to get one at home. Baking muffins for breakfast? Enjoy the blast of hot air when you open the oven door. Dishwasher full of dirty dishes? Open the door after running a cycle and enjoy the warm vapor invading your pores. You can even get a steam facial when you are making pasta – just stand over the pot of boiling water as you cook the pasta and breathe in the pasta-infused steam to clear your sinuses, and feel your pores open up as you pour out the hot water from the pot. Your skin will never feel so clean.

Manicure and Pedicure

Heal the hands and feet with a coconut oil based manicure, infused with your choice of essential oils. Simply squeeze coconut oil onto your kids’ hands and have them apply the coconut oil to your hands and feet. Please note that you may get a bonus oil treatment on your arms, legs, face, and wherever your kids may choose to rub the oil. After the oil treatment, you will get to enjoy one of a kind nail painting experience. Hand your kids washable color markers and let them go to town on your nails. The colors and designs may vary, but if you choose you may wash them off after your kids go to bed. Why settle for a boring French manicure and pedicure?


Waxing allows you to show off your skin and go out in public with confidence. This special waxing technique allows for patches of hair to be removed at a time instead of one big patch at a time as with traditional hair waxing methods, which makes the waxing experience less painful. In fact, this technique is so special that no wax is actually used. Break out the sticker collection and allow your kids to apply the stickers to your hairy areas. Apply pressure to the stickers and leave the stickers on for at least a few minutes. Then play a game with your kids and see who can rip the most hair off your body by peeling off the stickers in one swift motion in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Exfoliation Spa Treatment

The beach is full of fun, but how about the mess afterward? Turn your beach experience with your kids into an exfoliating treatment. After taking a dip in the water, roll around on the beach like a playful seal so that you have sand all over you. Then ask your kids to scrub your body by rubbing your sand-covered skin with their hands. Exfoliation would allow removal of dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and fresher. Best part? You can just run into the ocean to get all the sand off after the treatment, but watch out for those waves!

Had a hard day and need some pampering? Treat yourself to these free home spa treatments for moms. The best part? You get to entertain your kids or complete house chores at the same time! Happy kids + luxurious spa experience = mom for the win!

Thanks to Betty from MomBrite for this post!

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