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Ever wish there was a “Flat Stanley for Dummies?” (Well, maybe not dummies. More like slackers!) When your kid is assigned a school project, do you feel like you do most of the work?

SLACKER MOM is back with a new episode about how to get through school projects with a minimum of effort.  Valisa (working mom of two) came up with a brilliant slacker mom hack for Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley for Dummies… or SLACKER MOMS

The Flat Stanley Project, started in 1995 by Dale Hubert, a third-grade school teacher in Canada, features paper cut-outs based on the title character of the 1964 children’s book Flat Stanley.

Kids from all over the world have participated (and roped their friends and families into participating) by mailing their own “Flat Stanlies” all over the globe.

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