Father’s Day Boudoir Photo Shoot | This Father’s Day Give Your Man The Gift Of You | Meredith Masony Gets Sexy

Meredith Masony with granny panties on her head and wearing a bathrobe while attempting a Father's Day Boudoir Photo Shoot for her husband Dave

Father’s Day in our home has always been about golfing or fishing. 10 years ago my husband made me a Mom and I made him a Dad. On my first Mother’s Day, my husband bought me a piece of jewelry that I ended up having to return because money was so tight. He wanted so badly to give me a gift, but the budget wouldn’t allow it. Over the years, these holidays revolved around our own parents and their celebrations, and less about us as parents. The idea of a Father’s Day Boudoir Photo Shoot was the furthest thing from our minds.

This past Mother’s Day I decided that I was going to ask for something very specific. I asked that my husband focus on the things that I really wanted. I wanted the day off. That’s right. I wanted the day off from cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes. I wanted my children to ask my husband anytime they needed something. I wanted some peace and quiet, oh yes, and a mimosa 🙂 My husband was a fantastic sport, and he gave me exactly what I asked for. He even put on something pretty for me while he vacuumed the playroom carpet.

A few weeks back I asked my husband what he really wanted for Father’s day. He said, “I want the same thing I want every day. I want YOU.” That makes complete sense, since married sex is what got us into this parenting gig in the first place.  I giggled and said, “I thought you wanted to go golfing.” He said, “Well, I want that, too.” It made me think about how hectic our lives are and how he crawls into bed at the end of each day, and he still wants me. By the end of most days, I look like a character out of The Walking Dead. My hair is a mess, I am still in my robe, and I have enough luggage under my eyes for an around-the-world vacation. Yet, he still wants me.

So this Father’s Day, I have decided to give him just that– a Father’s Day Boudoir Photo Shoot! I hope you enjoy this video and my guess is that your man wants the same thing mine does, to see more of you!

Head to the Boudoir for Father’s Day | Mom Boudoir Photo Shoot

Father's Day Boudoir Photo Shoot Meredith Masony wearing granny panties on her head and a pink bathrobe making a sexy photo for Meredith's Masony's husband for Father's Day


*This guest post and video about her Father’s Day Boudoir Photo Shoot was written by our friend Meredith Masony from Filter Free Parents. If you loved this, check out her blog on “11 Types of Married Sex” or our candid interview with Meredith on “Ask a MOM.”

Meredith Masony

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