Family Music Video | Mama Jams | Stray Cat Strut

Stray Cat Strut Mama Jams MomCave

Mama Jams is back with a new family music video! MomCave’s Valisa and her adorable family cover the ’80s classic, Stray Cat Strut.

If you missed their cover of Glamorous Life, check it out here. And comment to let us know what song you’d like this talented family to cover next.

“In this episode, I thought it would be funny to have my 6’3” husband play a tiny toy guitar. We shot each part separately. James’ guitar part first, my percussion part (tambourine, lid to a pot and pencils) second. Then I added in the cat keyboard last. All shot on an iPhone and edited in iMovie.” –Valisa



Family Music Video | Mama Jams | Stray Cat Strut

Family Music Video Stray Cat Strut MomCave


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