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moms on facebook

Moms on Social Media

Are you a Facebook Faker? An Instagram Impostor? A Pinterest Pretender? Moms on Social Media… We all do it. We post our most gorgeous, enviable moments on our social media accounts and sort of “leave out” the rest.

We talk with Cheryl (aka @LawMomBlogger) from Mommy Drinks Wine and Swears about moms on social media and social media image crafting. Read her funny post about it here. And her well-said serious take on it here.

“Have you ever looked at someone’s social media feed, rolled your eyes and said to yourself, “I think I just got a fucking cavity?”

I have.

Or better yet, have you ever read a Facebook post, spit coffee all over your computer screen, and banged your head on the keyboard because you knew the post was 100% bullshit?

I’ve done that, too.”

~Northern Mommy

We’ll share some of our social media moments and would LOVE to see yours! Post them on our Facebook page or Tweet us.

Mommy Drinks Wine and Swears on MomCave LIVE — We Talk about Moms on Social Media


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