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Bake sales? Cookie swaps? Birthday Parties? Ugh, baking. Who has time for that sh*t? In our newest Slacker Mom episode, Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking, learn how to fake bake like a pro.

Fake Bake with Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking

Missed the other episodes of Slacker Mom? Catch Slacker Mom’s Guide to Holiday Gifts and Slacker Mom’s Guide to Halloween. We had a great time shooting this episode. And yes, we ate all of the treats immediately after. This episode was made possible by a grant from the town of Dover, VT. We spent a weekend (sans husband and kids!) shooting a bunch of Slacker Moms. Here are some Behind the Scenes stills from our shoot in Dover, Vermont:

Fake Bake Slacker Mom MomCave

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