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Times are crazy right now, and each new day brings uncertainty and change. So, we wanted to do something to lighten the mood and bring laughter to those around us. We came up with a funny parody video titled, ‘Everything Is CANCELED!’, and we really think we hit the mark with this one. 

We got the idea when we were hanging out with all of our kids a couple days after their school was closed down. (Yes, this was before social distancing was enforced. Calm down!) They were watching the Lego Movie and when the infamous song ‘Everything Is AWESOME!’ came on, we both belted out, Everything is CANCELED! It was pretty funny. Both of us ended up crossing our legs trying not to pee from laughing too hard. The rest of the lyrics simply flowed out of us as easily as the wine flowed in. 

We tend to use laughter as a way to cope with the challenges of everyday mom life on our blog, Moms Of The Whine Table; and we really wanted to extend that further. We wanted to ease the tension for our followers during such a scary time. And oh, is there tension!! They say laughter is the best medicine and we wholeheartedly agree. No prescription needed! We would much rather find ways to poke fun at our current situation then sit and worry all day. 

Since we are all struggling with this current pandemic, dealing with social distancing, and being cooped up in our homes, we wanted to shed some light on the situation us parents are facing.  We want other parents and families to feel less alone during these ever-changing times. What better way to do that than through music and laughter? (And wine!)  All things us moms of the whine table love!

Social distancing is hard. Social distancing with kids is really hard. Parents across the nation have been thrown into homeschooling as well as being full-time caregivers. Many of these parents have full or part time jobs that they are now having to try to work into the mix of home life, while others now have the stress of losing their jobs. (And possibly losing their hair by the time school starts again!) Everyone is wading through uncharted waters just waiting to hear what will happen next. There isn’t a single person in the country that isn’t being affected by and feeling the stress of what is happening right now.  Moms of the whine table to the rescue!! 

We’re hoping that our video will help spread some laughter and give kids something to boogie down to while us parents laugh at the accuracy! We hope people will be able to watch it and realize that we are all in this together. Even if everything is CANCELED!

We filmed the entire thing separately from our own homes and spent lots of time texting clips back and forth giggling about how funny this was going to be when we were finished with it. If it makes us laugh, for sure there will be people who appreciate the entertainment too! We found ourselves texting at all hours of the day and night, excited to see what the other had come up with for the clips we each created. 

Our families felt a really cool sense of achievement having had every single family member participate in the project.  It was great to have our kids so involved so they could see how their parents cope in a serious and scary situation. Who knows! Maybe they’ll grow up with the same coping mechanisms we have! Our kids are at such an impressionable age and really follow suit as to how we react to things. We are hoping that our kids will look back at this time and think, wow, our parents did a great job making light of a not so great situation. 

If our video makes you laugh even just once, then we conquered what we set out to do. Spread a little joy and laughter and a whole lot of sarcasm. And if not, then you should probably go hang out with Karen…as long as you’re at least 6 feet apart of course! (Poor Karen can’t seem to catch a break on the internet these days.) 

Our hope is to continue to deliver hysterical content to viewers and give parents a place to come hang out and feel seen. We are just a couple of moms keepin’ it real with no judgment; just laughs and a place at the table for everyone. No judgy Karen’s allowed! (No offense to all the Karen’s who don’t suck.) With the humongous shift in lifestyle, there will be endless topics to commiserate on so we hope people join us for the laughter and the reality checks. Everyone is going to need something to take the edge off of these trying times. We hope we can be a place you can stop by and enjoy a glass of wine with us while we chat about parenthood and all the crazy that comes with it. And of course, enjoy our love of all things PARODY! Really sorry if “Everything is CANCELED” gets stuck in your head like it has ours!! 

This hilarious parody is brought to you by our friends at Moms of the Whine Table. Kristin Whiteside and Kristin Prade are two perfectly imperfect moms laughing their way through motherhood. They share the good, the bad, and the funny truths of life as a mom on their blog, Moms Of The Whine Table. There’s room for everyone at the Whine Table! No judgment, no shamming, just a bunch of real moms telling it like it is. You can follow the Kristin’s on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube

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