Escapist Fiction: The Top 5 Books To Read Right Now


For many people, reading is a stress-relieving activity. By just flipping a page, bookworms can forget their worries about the outside world. But some novels, especially those with intricate stories or rich prose, can truly feel like an effort to read. Especially with a bunch of kids distracting you. Because they provide a delightful method to escape from the pressures of reality, light reads are the ideal remedy for the burned-out reader. Check out some of the best escapist fiction books below to unwind and temporarily forget about the real world and the stresses of parenting.

No one is more hopeful than a mom who brings a book on vacation.

The One Woman By Laura May

The protagonist of one of Laura May’s books is Julie, a graphic artist. Unfortunately, we don’t
know much about Julie’s life or her relationship with Mark. Until she meets Ann, that is. Ann is a
friendly and pleasant web developer. It is clear that Julie cares about Ann. Their history and
present collide in Barcelona, and the flame between them is real. When tragedy strikes, Julie will have to choose between her love for Ann and her commitment to Mark. Can true love last?

Nora Goes Off Script By Annabel Monaghan

The ideal summer read is this page-turner. Nora writes formulaic screenplays for the romance
channel to pay the bills. Everything changes when she makes the decision to pen her own
complicated love tale, complete with an ex-husband who abandons her with two children and a
mortgage. The script is purchased by a large Hollywood studio, and it is decided to film at her
home. The leading man eventually decides to remain…

The adult debut of Monaghan is filled with wonderful qualities. Nora is resilient, self-sufficient,
and never a victim of events. She puts a lot of effort into raising her two devoted kids, who are
the center of her world. She is loved and supported by her family and friends. There are
comedic encounters and unforeseen situations. A great escape into fiction!

All I Want By Darcey Bell

The author of A Simple Favor, Darcey Bell, is back with All I Want, a cunning and genuinely
spooky home thriller. Emma, who is expecting a baby, finds herself seduced by her husband’s
choice to leave the city and buy a run-down Victorian estate in a small hamlet. But as soon as
she gets there, she starts to change her mind. In addition to the fact that her husband seems to
be drifting away from her, the house itself has a sordid past that makes Emma question if
history will repeat itself. Something isn’t right about their new home when you factor in some
unfriendly neighbors and a string of bizarre occurrences. Escapist fiction at its finest.

One Day In December by Josie Silver

This book may appear to be about the holidays, and in a sense it is. But what could make you
happier than being reminded of the holiday season’s hot cocoa-and-gingerbread-house-building activities? Caught up in the holiday rush, Laurie hurriedly boards a bus. As she looks out the
window, she sees the man she will fall in love with. When Laurie returns, she tells her pals all
about her mystery man since she can’t stop thinking about him, but it seems that no one has
any idea who he might be. One year later, when he is introduced as the boyfriend of Laurie’s
best friend, Sarah, she finally gets to see him again. December fiction in the heat of summer!

With friendship and romance, the story takes place over a period of around ten years.

How To Love Your Neighbour by Sophie Sullivan

In Sophie Sullivan’s How to Love Your Neighbor, a charming romantic comedy, Grace
Travis, who is about to graduate from interior design school, discovers her perfect fixer-upper on
the beach. Grace always wished for a place to call home because of her rough childhood, and
now that she’s finally found one, she’s not going to let her nasty neighbor scare her away. That’s
bad news for real estate developer Noah Jansen, who just recently purchased the home next
door. Grace is adamant that she won’t give up her ideal home without a struggle, despite his
grand plans to purchase Grace’s property and build his mansion onto her lot.

What are your comfort reads? Do you have a favorite escapist fiction author? Do you even GET to read on vacation??


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