Two More EASY Christmas Crafts for Kids! (and lazy moms..)

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids MomCave

Two more super easy Christmas crafts for kids! Ignore that humongous pile of laundry and craft with your littles instead. 

Kids love crafts. But planning and executing Pinterest-worthy projects takes work. And we’re too lazy for that.

Check out the videos below where we show you two EASY and cheap Christmas crafts for kids.  Make Christmas ornaments out of Popsicle sticks and sequins and a Christmas tree out of Duck Tape!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

If you missed our previous craft video (Pom-Pom Pinecones), check it out here.

Where to find the supplies…. (These are affiliate links. If you buy through these, we make a small commission at no cost to you.)

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids MomCave christmas crafts for preschoolers


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