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Hippity-hoppity! It’s almost Easter and us moms now have yet another opportunity to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and forgetful. Never fear, SLACKER MOM is here with some Easter Mom Hacks for when one more holiday is just too much work.

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Slacker Mom’s Guide to Easter Baskets

Some moms put me to shame with the thought, care, and time they put into building their kid’s Easter baskets. I’m too tired and busy for that Pinterest-y stuff. Besides, looking back on my childhood, I have very fond memories of the Easter baskets my mom put together. I have NO memory of what was in them or how they looked other than CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! That’s all kids really care about, right?

In previous years, I’ve just bought baskets, candy, and a bunch of trinkets in a hurried trip to the Dollar Tree. This year, I’m not even leaving the house. I’m going to order awesome, pre-filled Easter baskets with Amazon Prime and have them arrive on my doorstep, ready to go, in two days. Just a few options are below.

Easter Mom Hacks for Easter Dinner

If at all possible, go to someone else’s house for Easter Dinner! Truly, this is the best of the Easter mom hacks! That will solve the problem of you having to plan a meal, clean your house, and host a bunch of people.

If you go to someone else’s house for Easter, the most you’ll be asked is to bring dessert. I’ve got you covered there:

If you absolutely must host Easter dinner in your home, cut out a lot of prep, planning, and work by ordering a pre-made dinner to be delivered to your home.

Stop the Fighting. How to Keep Peace on this Day of Peace

Like most holidays, Easter can bring its own family drama. Let’s start with the adults. Make a pact NOT to talk about politics. Seriously. While our forefathers may be rolling over in their graves at the current state of affairs, the religious meaning of Easter has to do with the son of God rising from his grave. (See what I did there?) So rise above the vitriol and tell Uncle Sal to keep his diatribes to himself. Or just go sneak an extra gulp of wine in the kitchen.

Now onto the kids… Once they go into all-out sugar high-mode, the acting up begins. If at all possible, try to limit the sugar. Have an expectation going in that they may have ONE item from their basket today and the rest is saved for another time.

Easter egg hunts are super-fun but can also go super-wrong. If you are hiding real eggs, it is VITAL that you count them before hiding so you know if you found them all. (Better yet, jot down where you hid them.) We’ve made the mistake TWICE of finding a disgusting, stinking rotten egg weeks later in the sofa cushions.

A better bet is using those plastic Easter eggs. (Again, you can order some in your pajamas from Amazon here.) Have nothing to fill them with? Go find that jar you’ve been throwing all your loose change in. You know which one I mean. The jar of coins you are too lazy or too busy to wrap and take to the bank. Put loose change in each egg. Voila! A prize you already have on hand that won’t cause a sugar-rush meltdown.

Slacker Mom's Guide to Easter Easter Mom Hacks Easter Egg Hunt Hacks

Kids always fighting over eggs? Give them each their own color to hunt!

Easter Mom Hacks for Easy Easter Outfits for Kids

Moms who have it all together (aka NOT ME) have adorable, matching Easter outfits for kids. I, on the other hand, don’t think about this until Easter morning as I’m rushing two grumbling sleepy kids to get ready for church.

Kids wearing Easter bunny ears and Christmas outfits from Easter Mom Hacks Slacker Mom's Guide to Easter Easy Last Minute Easter Outfits for Kids MomCave
This works. Right??

Why is that holidays always seem to require special clothing? Didn’t I just buy my kids Christmas outfits? (Wow, those four months flew by!) My brilliant solution! Use the Christmas duds and shove on some bunny ears. If anyone asks, tell them you are trying to tie-in the birth of Christ with the resurrection… or something.

Okay, seriously. You’re not going to do that. So here’s what you CAN do. Dress your kid in their most pastel or spring/floral print outfit. Add some bunny ears from the dollar store. Bonus: you can use them for sexy, sexy date night later.

No bunny ears? How about one of mom’s summer sun hats for a daughter and a make-shift pastel bow-tie for a son?

Slacker Mom's Guide to Easter MomCaveTV

Save the bunny ears to re-use for date night. If you’re really feeling spicy, you can pick up a tail, too! (And that is the ultimate in this list of Easter mom hacks!)

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