You Want Me to Bring WHAT?… Easiest Ever Carrot Cake Recipe from #SlackerMom

You’d think my family would know better than to ask me to bring a carrot cake to Easter dinner. Not that I couldn’t bake a carrot cake from scratch if I A) had the time, B) had the energy or C) WANTED to. I could. I’m capable of following a carrot cake recipe no problem. But you may recall, I am the ultimate #SlackerMom. For goodness sake, I made a video guide called “Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking.” If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I basically tell you how to cheat NOT to bake. So to fulfill the Easter carrot cake request, I have created the EASIEST Ever Carrot Cake Recipe. No really, watch the video below. I guarantee you that following this easy carrot cake recipe this will take you all of three seconds and you’ll have the best carrot cake ever to bring to your Easter/Passover/whatever celebration. Or at least you’ll get a laugh.


Easiest Ever Carrot Cake from #SlackerMom and

I wanted to bust this video out quickly, in true #SlackerMom style. So I waited until the 2.5 year old Tornado was napping and asked 7.5 year old to hold the camera for me. He did pretty well, don’t you think? That little bit at the end, where you hear him laugh and see me laugh, was because he did a “toot” as I’ve been trying to train my kids to call it. (It’s not working. Potty humor is a scourge on our house.)

Let’s get real…

If you really want a carrot cake recipe, you should probably head over to my friend Liza’s post. But if I were you, I’d save the time baking for more important things, like binge-watching Netflix or online shopping.

Happy Easter/Passover/Spring!!
Most Simple Carrot Cake Recipe ever from Slacker Mom and MomCaveTV


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