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This post & video are sponsored by Piper Lou and contain some affiliate links. The game we play is Do or Drink questions.

If you haven’t met Annie from Piper Lou, you need to watch this! Jen and Annie play the adult game, “Do or Drink” and make complete asses of themselves! MOM GAMES is our weekly live series where YOU can participate. Watch for it live on Facebook and Instagram and laugh your own butt off at the video below.

“Do or Drink” Questions | Annie Mcfarland | MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou

Jen: Welcome to MOM GAMES. The game on MomCaveTV, sponsored by Piper Lou, where moms play games, which may or may not involve drinking. And it’s awesome. You get to play along with us in the comments we’re live on Facebook and Instagram, and if you, uh, help and play along the comments, you can win something awesome from Piper Lou.

Annie McFarland: I didn’t even know that part.

Annie McFarland: That was it. That was a surprise to me. Totally surprising. 

Jen: Okay. So this is Annie. Everybody meet my buddy, Annie. 

Annie McFarland: I know a lot of the names that are coming over in the comments. So I’m super excited about that.

Jen: Super tons of awesome friends over here.

Annie: Oh my God. They’re the best. I love them. You guys, this is going to be fun.

“Do or Drink” and the Chicken Dance

Jen: So Annie is introducing me to a game, which I’ve never played before. “Do or Drink.” So Annie give them a quick rundown again. What’s “Do or Drink?” 

Annie McFarland: if like this, if you have not, ah, yes, Danielle, I am definitely into the drinking games. 

Jen: Okay. So, um, so you want to drink tea? You guys, that’s fine too.

Annie McFarland: I’m not pushing anybody drinking on anybody, but we have no judgment.

Jen: This is who we are. 

Annie McFarland: All right. So, um, “Do or Drink…” You either win or you blackout. Oh, those are your options. So there are challenges. And if you don’t want to do the challenge, you don’t have to, but you have to drink the required amount that’s on the Do or Drink questions card. So I have a dirty fishbowl full of cards that I did pull out because, you know, I, I told you yesterday, some of them are like, you know, shave your eyebrow or drink an entire bottle of vodka.

Annie McFarland: I’m not doing that on a Wednesday night.

Jen: No.

Annie: That’s a bunch of bullshit. Like can I swear on your show? I never even asked. 

Jen: Oh, there’s a lot of swearing here. If you shave your eyebrows at this age. I don’t think they come back. 

Annie McFarland: I don’t think they would either. No, I’m not. Anyway. So those cards came out, but I did send you a list of props that you will need for the game. You might use them. You might not. Just depends on who gets the card, so you’re going to go first. Okay. 

Jen: I’m ready. Okay.

Annie McFarland: Oh, okay. Are you able to stand up?

Jen: I could. You’ll get to see my whole setup, which is pretty funny. 

Annie McFarland: Okay. Yeah. You might want to slide it back a little bit. There you go. There you go. All right, so you need to perform the chicken dance for 20 seconds. 

Jen: All right. All right. 

Annie McFarland: OR drink three times.

Jen: Well, I’m going to drink three times anyway, but I’ll do the chicken dance and look at my “What’s up Grinches?” shirt.

what up grinches funny christmas tee shirt by piper lou do or die questions mom games
What up Grinches? From – Code MOMCAVE for Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Jen: Okay. –singing— and doing the chicken dance. Wait, I forgot what… Is that 20 seconds? Am I done?

Annie McFarland: I think one more time. One more time, just for, just to make sure

Jen: (more singing and chicken dance)

Annie McFarland: There you go. If you’re shy, these might be embarrassing, but if you’re not shy, then go all in, girl. 

Kitten Bits

Jen: You know, a lot of the shyness went away when I became a mom because your things are out there for everybody to see for months once you have a baby and blah, blah, blah. And then I gave up. I’m like, life is too short.

Annie McFarland: Like, I mean, your kitten bits are no longer private when you have, when you’re pregnant and having a baby, like the board’s popping down, they’re just checking out what’s happening. 

Jen: Right. You never go to the bathroom alone again, et cetera, et cetera. So you just lose all dignity and then you do chicken dances on the internet. It’s your turn.

Annie McFarland: And the internet is forever. So, you know, my kids make fun of me all the time and they’re like, “Mom, you know what? Like my kids are going to ask what Grandma did when she was like younger. And they’re going to see THIS!” I’m like, well, they better have a good sense of humor, honey. That’s all I got to say.

Jen: Jamie, she had three C-sections, nothing was covered with nothing. And then you had like major surgery and your abdominals pulled apart. Yeah, you live after that, you’re just like, I’ll just live it up. 

Arm Farts and Food

Annie McFarland: All right. So my “Do or Drink” questions say I need to try and make a fart noise with my hand in my armpit. Oh, that’s a lovely one. I don’t know if I’ve ever done it, but I am a little sweaty. So I feel like it might be successful. 

Jen: Yeah, that might help. 

Annie McFarland: Okay. Here we go. Here we go. I can go into the microphone. Yeah. Right in the mic.

Jen: They’re silent, but deadly…. She can’t do it. That reminds me of the Mary Katherine Gallagher sketch. 


Annie McFarland: Superstar! Okay. Oh my gosh. Okay, here we go. You ready to go again? Oh. And if you missed this earlier, if you want to do any of these challenges and take a video or a photo and then send them, or like upload them to MomCave or to Piper Lou, we will gladly take them.

Jen: Tag us. we will be embarrassed along with you and somebody’s gonna win some Piper Lou stuff. Kimberly says she can’t arm fart and then we had a comment on Instagram saying, “I teach middle school. I can arm fart all day.”

Annie McFarland: Is that Jamie? Was it Jamie? Who said that? 

Jen: No, it’s Courtswin.

Annie McFarland: Oh, okay. Yeah. Courtney, you need to send us, you need to send us a little, a little video of you.

Jen: Please show us, Courtney, we need to see.

Annie McFarland: Is there a skill? Is it like when you put your fingers in your mouth, which I’m not going to do right now, because they were literally just in my armpit, but when you stick your fingers in your mouth and you can whistle really loud. It might be a learned skill like that.

Jen: I can’t do the whistling thing. 

Annie McFarland: You’re ready for your next one. So do you remember when I asked you to get some ketchup and a spoon? Yeah. So one of the Do or Drink questions says you need to take a spoonful of ketchup or three drinks.

Jen: Wait, I eat a spoonful of ketchup and I’m gonna NEED three drinks. I brought a tablespoon! I should have brought a teaspoon. 

Annie McFarland: I did bring the smaller spoon. 

Jen: Oh, you suck. 

Annie McFarland: Okay. Ready? You’re so brave! What are you drinking? Are you drinking? What, are you washing that down? Is it a wine chaser? 

Jen: I’m drinking my favorite wine. The wine I’m proudest to, to, um, say I drink, which is the Bota Box Chardonnay. 

Annie McFarland: Oh, I thought you were going to say like two-buck Chuck or something. 

Jen: No, I feel like this might be worse than Two Buck Chuck. At least that comes in glass.

Annie McFarland: I’ve heard good things. Hasn’t that won some awards?

Jen: It did wins awards and it, you know, my father-in-law is like a wine connoisseur. He’s like a guy who buys bottles that cost hundreds of dollars. And when he comes over, he drinks my Bota Box and he says it’s quite good. So. 

Annie McFarland : Well, there you go. 

Jen: You can’t be snobby.

Bend and Snap

Annie McFarland : All right. So I stand up and I’m going to remove all of my paraphernalia, but I have to do the Elle Woods, you know, bend and snap, from “Legally Blonde.” I love it. Good, good. Hold on. So that’s why I sat this way. So you could see like behind me, but okay. Hold on.

Jen: Oh, okay. She’s going to go bend and snap. I totally forgot about that until just now.


Jen: Oh, my goodness. She’s so cute. You did it. She did it.

Annie McFarland : I think I almost hit my head on a table. 

Jen: Be careful you when you, when you come up too fast again when you’re this age and you put your head down and up. I love your sweatshirt there. That’s obviously a Piper Lou!

Annie McFarland : I live in Piper Lou. Yes, it is a Piper Lou. Oh, I should have….. Here. Let me do it again for Instagram. Cause I didn’t…

Jen: You guys didn’t get to see her bend and snap. 

Annie McFarland : There’s only a couple of people watching because they’ve given up and followed us on Facebook. I’ll do it one more time for everyone. Hold on. Okay. We get to bend and snap. This is like a bonus. This is for you, Instagram. You really put your back into it.

Jen: Crystal Brown said she bent and snapped with you. 

Breakfast Club

Annie McFarland : You did, Crystal? You go! You did a little bend and snap and it’s a little exercise, you know, it is now I’m sweating even more than I was a minute ago, air out. Oh my gosh. Okay. You ready? Okay, here we go. I don’t know how you’re going to do this. You’re going to get creative. Okay, take a drink without using your hands or your elbows, 

Jen: But then I, I fear I’m going to drop it. What if I use my elbows…

Annie McFarland : Wait it’s kind of like on Breakfast Club. (Jen drinks.) I’ll take it. 

Jen: I think that counts, right? 

Annie McFarland : I think so it’s kinda like on Breakfast Club where Molly Ringwald puts a lip gloss right here and like, you know, bends… She did her lipstick with her lip gloss, right?

Jen: I totally forgot that part. And I need to go watch that movie again. It’s been so long. 

Annie McFarland : Okay. I feel like we’re having a disconnect with the bananas and now the Breakfast Club. 

Jen: Yeah. Okay. Well, you’ll like this story. I’m going to do a quick name drop. I don’t know. What’s his name? Andrew McCart– mcCarthy? McCarthy?

Annie McFarland : I think Andrew McCarthy.

Jen: His kid goes to my kid’s school. And so I saw him,-

Annie McFarland : Do you know him? 

Jen: I interviewed him. The school, like they asked me to do these interviews of people saying how wonderful it is. And I interviewed him and it was very surreal. 

Annie McFarland : Okay. What is he like in real life?

Jen: He was really nice. Normal like cool dad. 

Annie McFarland : Is he balding now?

Jen: Not really. 

Annie McFarland : Because he had a lot of hair back in the day 

Jen: He’s one of the ones that kept their hair, so I’m happy for him. 

Annie McFarland : Okay. So what is he doing with his career now?

Jen: I think he’s still doing actory things. I don’t know. 

Annie McFarland : Wasn’t he in “Weekend at Bernie’s?”

Jen: I don’t know. 

Annie McFarland : I haven’t seen that for like 20 years.

Jen: I don’t know. You know, we need to have a movie-watching party and watch all this again.

Annie McFarland : I would go through any of the eighties brat pack movies all over again. That Bernie’s was not, but that’s a classic. That is, oh, it’s your turn. I just did the little, oh, you did. You did. Cause that’s Breakfast Club. That’s how we got here.

Random Objects

Okay. Okay. This is gonna get a little naughty, ya’ll. My “Do or Drink” questions tell me…. “Use a random object and demonstrate how you would give a……”

Jen: Okay. A massage. We’ll call it a massage.

Annie McFarland : Hold on. Let’s see what I grabbed for my random object. I grabbed a little gingerbread lollipop. What did you grab for your random object? By the way? I’m just curious. 

Jen: You’re going to like it. (Jen models a Bat Girl Mask.)

Annie McFarland : I wish it was you who got this one.

Jen: You said to get a really random object. And of course, I’m in the basement, which is where the kids’ toys are. And so I found this, it makes noises, but I don’t know how to do it.

Annie McFarland : All right. So Erin O’Brien Lockwood said Andrew’s also in “Mannequin.” I do remember that movie. Yes. Do you remember Mannequin? 

Jen: I totally remember Mannequin. Two of my very good friends, their dad directed Mannequin. 

Annie McFarland : You know, everybody!

Jen: I don’t, I just know a couple of obscure people that happened to come up tonight. I know… it’s not weird. It’s like when you play that six-degree game.

Annie McFarland : All right. So I got these at the dollar store yesterday. 

Jen: It’s really cute. 

Annie McFarland: Well, no. So this is how it looked in the packaging. So it looked like it was all decorated. And then that was just the packaging. It’s just the sad little false advertising

Dollar Stores and BOGOs

Jen: Did you hear that the dollar store is raising all the prices? The dollar tree has to raise it to…. to what I think a dollar 25 or something, I don’t know. It’s all over. 

Annie McFarland : It’s going to throw off the whole purchase system because you know, you go in there and you know exactly how much it’s going to be.

Jen: I know. I love dollar stores. Okay. But you have to show us now how you would do something with that.

Annie McFarland : I’m not very good at this. Maybe I’ve never done it before in my whole life. 

Jen: Oh, I’m sure you don’t have any kids.  

Annie McFarland : Kristy says a dollar 25. So you’re correct. 

Jen: Yes. I know Kristy. So we’re going to have to like make 25 extra cents per dollar to shop at dollar tree. Oh, she totally did it.

Annie McFarland : So deceiving what a bait and switch on that one. Like I thought it was going to be acutely decorated little gingerbread. Nope.

Jen: Maybe you’re supposed to decorate yourself. 

Annie McFarland : That’s a lot of work. 

Jen: It is. It is totally a lot of work. 

Annie McFarland : April’s like, “Oh, please, Annie!” You guys. We want you to play along so you can share some photos of yourself or send us a photo tag, a photo.

Jen: Cause we’re giving away stuff from Piper Lou! And I should say again, I got my own coupon code. Annie.

Annie McFarland : What is your coupon code? 

Jen: If anyone- Any of my friends here, use the code MOMCAVE they get unlimited, buy one, get one free at Piper Lou.

Jen and Annie from Piper Lou show shirts hats and tumblers from Piper Lou Collection while playing do or die questions
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Annie McFarland : On everything??

Jen: On everything. I mean, you should talk to your bosses. They just gave up the store.

Annie McFarland : Wait. Okay. Here’s the deal with Piper Lou, we love a bargain. Like my motto in life is if it’s free it’s for me, like I love me a deal. Yeah. I like quality too, which, you know, my Dollar Tree did not deliver this particular time, but that’s okay. That’s okay. I still forget. 

Jen: Yeah. I mean, it’s still, that’s the thing about buying things at the Dollar Tree. If they suck or they break you’re like, “Oh, it was a dollar so it’s not a big deal.”

Annie McFarland : Yeah. You don’t really care.

Jen: (shows silly Christmas earrings) I got these at the dollar store. 

Annie McFarland : Look, I noticed them! Oh, and they light up. 

Jen: They do. They light up.

Annie McFarland : You’re very fancy.

Jen: Thanks, John Ireland says, “What are you? Two clowns selling?” Well, mostly we are just having fun playing Do or Drink questions, but we’re supposed to be selling things for Piper Lou 

Annie McFarland : I mean, it’s ultimately my job. I’m terrible at look, 

Jen: Look at this. Wait, this is another one of my Piper Lou mugs I have an RV. We have an RV. That’s a whole other story. And so I had to get this because it says “Merry Christmas, shitter’s full.” Like from “Christmas Vacation.”

Merry Christmas Shitter's Full Mug from Piper Lou while Jen and Annie play Do or Die questions on MOM Games
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Annie McFarland : I love that. You’re ready to go again. 

Jen: My turn. Yup. 

Annie McFarland : Yup. Remember when I asked you if you had a plain piece of paper and a cup?

Jen: Yeah. Yeah. You need to try to shoot a balled-up piece of paper into the cup, even better. And if you miss, you have to drink twice. I’m going to one-up up you. I’m using my, again, my Piper Lou, “Welcome to the Shit Show” mug.

Annie McFarland : All right. Hey Monica. Welcome. 

Jen: Instead of a plain piece of paper, because I have this terrible cold and this Rudolph nose I’m going to throw my dirty tissue in there.

Annie McFarland : I love that. Right.

Jen: I’m trying to do it on camera. Be like the magic of live…. (Jen makes the shot.)

Annie McFarland : I mean, I mean, I was going to be very disappointed if you didn’t make it, but I am still proud of you for me. 

Jen: That’s actually pretty good. You should see me try to play any sport. It’s really sad. Not a sporty girl. Renee. The code is MOMCAVE 

Jen: MOMCAVE is unlimited buy one, get one free. Yeah. Buy one get one free and it’s not just mom-themed stuff. I should say.

Annie McFarland : It is not. Quite a bit of stuff that is not mom geared at all. 

Jen: Yeah. It’s kind of snarky funny. It is. Okay. It’s your turn, bring on the Do or Drink questions!

Annie McFarland : Which is why it’s so fun to work there. All right. So this is a game that you actually played a few weeks ago.

Jen: Okay. 

Annie McFarland : And it was, um, “Blank, blank, marry,” right? Now you said that you probably couldn’t say the F-word. 

Facebook and F-ck, Marry, Kill

Jen: I was just kidding. So I didn’t say like the actual name of the game is F-ck, Marry, Kill. Okay. Yes, but people call it kiss, marry, kill. 

Annie McFarland : You could do kiss, marry, kill, but see, when I, when I was watching you and you said, “Oh, we shouldn’t say the F word, we’ll say, we’ll say kiss.” I was like, “I think Facebook might have a bigger problem with kill than they will with f-ck.”

Jen: I, that thought crossed my mind when I was like typing it out on Facebook because you know, they have these bots and they’re looking for like words and kill is bad! I said on somebody’s Instagram post the other day, she said her husband did something crazy. And I said, “I’d kill him.” And immediately my Instagram went foom and it went, “this is inappropriate. We’re taking this down. If you ever threaten anyone again, you’re going to never be allowed on Instagram.” 

Annie: Yeah, I’ve been in Facebook jail many a time. And here’s, here’s the key. If you ever hears like the tip and I keep trying April, see y’all are trying to trap me into Facebook jail again.

Jen: So what if we say kiss marry, make not alive?

Annie McFarland : UN alive. 

Jen: UN alive. We’re going to unalive.

Annie McFarland : Okay. All right. So we need to pick, I’m going to pick three celebrities and you have to choose which one you want to kiss, which one you want to marry and which one you want to. Right. All right. All right. So we’ve got, um, Bradley Cooper.

Annie McFarland : We have let’s do Andrew McCarthy. Cause we were just talking about him., and Jason Mamoa. 

Jen: Oh my gosh. Okay. I’m gonna, I’m gonna wait. What was the first one? I already forgot.

Annie McFarland : Bradley Cooper.

Jen: Okay. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna kiss Bradley Cooper because he looks cute and kissable. Um, I’m going to marry Andrew because since I saw he’s an upstanding citizen in the community and sends his kids to a good school, I think he could be a good man. The other guy I’m going UN-alive because, well, he’s the only one left, but I like, I don’t, I don’t love the whole like long hair Samson look.

Annie McFarland : Oh, that’s not your jam?

Jen: That’s not my jam.

Annie McFarland : But you wouldn’t want to kiss him because have you seen the (indicates chest area)?

Jen: Yeah, this whole area is very attractive.

Annie McFarland : Just put a bag over his head and solidly focus here. Cut his hair. Cut his hair, put a bag over his head, get kind of drunk and then, alright.

Jen: See, Nicki would marry Jason. Jo would marry Jason. April says Jason’s not her jam either. Devin says I want to climb Jason like a tree 

Annie McFarland : So Devin’s going to kiss him? 

Jen: Well, okay. This is, these are tough ones. These are tough choices.

Annie McFarland : “Do not put a bag over his head. Annie, a pillow.” 

Jen: A pillow? A pillow is nicer. “He can wear a man bun,” says Monica. No, I hate man buns.

Annie McFarland : Do you? I think they’re kind of jaunty and fun. 

Jen: No, they feel like icky to me. Something’s icky about it. 

Annie McFarland : Carla would marry Jason so she can get some, whenever she wants

Jen: That would be nice. All right. 

Annie McFarland : Jane’s going to marry Jason kiss Bradley, un alive Andrew.

Jen: Sorry about that. 

Annie McFarland : You might have to see Andrew at school drop-off or whatever. So you don’t want to like tell him you’re going to kill him on the show because…

 Jen: No, I can’t do that. I feel like the police will show up at my house or something. “Grab a hold that ponytails and hold on.” Yeah. Okay. Tammy agrees with me. She doesn’t like man buns. “Well, not the ones on the top of their head,” she says, right? 

Annie McFarland : Oh my…

Jen: Like she likes their butts. My, okay. All right. I think, I think we should play one more round.

Annie McFarland : Okay. Wait, is it whose turn is it now? It’s your turn?

Jen: It’s my turn. Right?

Being Badass

Annie McFarland : Do you have ice? You have your ice cubes?

Jen: Well my ice cubes are in my wine. And I figured that would be okay.

Annie McFarland : Well, they are to put under your armpits and hold them there, but I did, I forgot to grab, you’re going to grab ice cubes out of your wine and put them on your armpits?

Jen: This is MomCave!

Annie McFarland : God, you’re such a bad-ass okay. This is going to be really uncomfortable.

Jen: (makes high-pitched noises.) It turns me into the soprano. How long do I have to hold it?

Annie McFarland : Until they melt. I won’t make you do that though.

Jen: That’s my shower for the night and I put one under each arm. I am drinking up. Yup. Okay. It actually, oh, it just went down my shirt.

Annie McFarland : All right, one more. All right. Eat a slice of lemon or lime without making a face. That’s why we should both try it. Do you want to now? I have a lime? I didn’t have a lemon.

Jen: Of course I have lemons slices, so I even sliced them.

Annie McFarland : Nice, dude. I have my Tito’s and tonic with a lime, so I did not have a lemon.

Jen: Hey, ready? Amy says, “What is this game called again?” Do or drink, do or drink. We’re going to do, we’re going to do that. So we’re going to do… We have to wait when you say eat it, we have to ingest this. I think it’s just like…. do that. Uh, I, that’s my like, I think I’m done with that. I’m not loving that. I haha I have like lemon-scented breath now. No, but I feel like my breath is really fresh now when I go back upstairs and I see my husband, he’ll be like, oh my gosh.

Annie: All right. Um, some of the raunchier ones. Yeah, Christy, I totally failed. So I have to drink, right? She does. Oh, balls. All right. If you want to hear some of the raunchier ones that are in here, I did not put them in there, but just in case anyone’s interested in this game, which we have nothing to do with like, oh yeah, this isn’t like, we’re not endorsing this game.

Jen: We just thought it’s going to be fun to play.

Annie McFarland : So like, for example, open your front door and yell at the top of your lungs, “I love ah, backdoor!”

Jen: Nice. Can you imagine in most neighborhoods, if you did that!

Annie McFarland : Yeah. I will tell you I was on a girl’s trip and we were playing this and one of the girls was drinking the entire time because she is not a center of attention. She does not like to be the focus of anything. She’s a very behind the scenes, quiet girl. Why we are and how we are friends. I don’t know, but she is delightful. I love her to death, so, oh, thanks, Melissa. I’m glad you got a photo of it. Awesome. So, um, so she got that card and we had just been outside for a different challenge and the street was dead.

Annie McFarland : There was nobody out there. So she, the quiet girl gets his card. She’s like, “Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll do my first challenge because nobody’s outside.” Like she feels completely safe. And I’m recording her and she walks through the door and she opens the door. And there was like… in the five minutes that we’ve been inside, this whole party of dudes shows up across the street and they’re hanging out in the front yard and she opens it and she goes, “Oh! I do NOT want to do this anymore.”

Annie McFarland : And we’re like, you’ve got it’s. I have it all recorded. It’s like little, my favorite video of this girl. Just her reaction. She’s like, “I’ll do it.” You open the door. Oh, she did it though. I was proud of her.

Jen: Cheers. That’s fun.

Annie: So you guys, oh, there’s a tink tink tink story. So that’s for me.

Jen: Okay. Tink, tink. I just thought that meant drink, drink, drink.

Annie McFarland : Okay. We’ll have it be that. Sure. Cheers.

Jen: I have a feeling there’s something more about that story. You guys use my coupon code MOMCAVE and you can get unlimited, buy one, get one free Piper Lou stuff. You can win free stuff if you write crazy things in the comments and show us pictures of you doing these crazy things, that would be amazing.

Jen: Yeah, and, I think we have to wrap it up because I drank a glass of wine before I got on here. And now you’ve made me finish this glass of wine.

Annie McFarland : It’s part of my charm.

Jen: I have a husband upstairs that’s leaving for tour tomorrow. So there we go.

Annie McFarland : What kind of tour?

Jen: He’s a musician.

Annie McFarland : You’re such a little badass.

Jen: He’s a jazz musician.

Annie McFarland : That did take it down a notch. So you’re like a groupie.

Jen: No, I’m like a wife, a groupie. Yes. Before there were kids there was hanging out and…they have actual speakeasies in New York City. Did you know that? Like illegal underground clubs and you have to have the name and you have to have a code? Yeah, we did all that. That was very fun.

Annie McFarland : That’s awesome.

Jen: But now I just like, hang out. Maybe it’s drinking with ladies on the internet.

Annie McFarland : I mean, that’s not a bad life right there.

Jen: Not at all. So you guys check out Annie, join Annie’s group, go see all the Piper Lou stuff. It’s really, really fun. I’m Jen from MomCave on all the places on the TikTok and the Instagram and the Facebook.

Jen: And we have a Facebook group. We’re going to be doing MOM GAMES every week for the next like two, I think it is still two months to go. I’m working with Piper, Lou, and I’m really excited. And so we’re going to have a different game and different guest mom games every single week.

Annie McFarland : Be here, be here, be here. You will not have nearly as much fun with your other guests as you do with me!

Jen: Which is probably what’s going to happen is, I’m going to have to call you again and be like, “Annie, I need ya. I need my cohost.”

Annie McFarland : Alright.

Jen: Annie, thank you so much for being here.

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