Different Sleeping Options for Your Guests

Different Sleeping Options for Your Guests

During the holidays, you often have many people visit your house with their kids, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Most of the time, I think to myself, “How am I going to survive this again!” By some miracle, I have managed to survive every holiday so far. My family is quite large, which means that I get the pleasure of figuring out how to keep my house in one piece when my family members come to visit. Additionally, my house only has a couple of guest beds, which aren’t enough for everyone in the family. Over the years, I’ve learned a few ways to provide cozy sleeping spaces for my family and friends without crowding my house with beds. If you have a large family and need extra space in your home, check out these different sleeping options for your guests.

Sleeper Sofa

Personally, I love sleeper sofas, but some family members may not be too fond of them. If a family member complains about my sleeper sofa, which doesn’t happen often, I tell them sweetly that the floor is always available. A sleeper sofa is a couch that you can transform into a bed. If you want to add one to your home, make sure you learn how to pick a comfortable sleeper sofa for your guests. While cheap sleeper sofas can be lumpy and uncomfortable, quality sleeper sofas are actually cozy and save lots of space.

Inflatable Mattress

The good old inflatable mattress is my go-to for creating cozy sleeping spaces during the holidays. The best inflatable mattresses that I’ve found are plastic or rubber, and you can inflate them with a manual pump or electric pump. I was fortunate enough to purchase a quality inflatable mattress on sale, and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It’s very comfortable and super easy to deflate and squish back into my already crowded closet when the guests leave.

Trundle Bed

Another one of the different sleeping options for your guests is a trundle bed. A trundle bed has two mattresses, one on the top of the bed and another under the bed. All you need to do is pull the lower mattress out from under the bed for some extra sleeping space when you have guests. While I don’t own a trundle bed yet, many of my family members do, so I’ve slept on a lot of them. They’re very convenient and comfortable. They also save tons of space in your home.

Wall Bed

I’ve always thought that wall beds are such nifty pieces of furniture. They fold into the wall, and sometimes, they convert into a desk or shelf. When you need a bed, you pull it down from the wall. And when your guests leave, you push the bed back into the wall. Simple. It’s an easy process, and you won’t notice a full-sized bed is even in the room when you’re not using it.

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