Why does Christmas come so DAMN EARLY? A RANT!

Christmas in October?=Christmas too early!

When I was a kid I looked forward to the change in the seasons. I enjoyed decorating for each holiday. My kids LOVE putting up decorations now too, but I’ve grown bitter, because every time I head into the store to buy something that reflects the given season, well – it’s out of stock, replaced with merchandise that I have absolutely no use for in a given season.

Have you been in this position?

Replace a pair of flip-flops if you break them in July? Forget it! Back to school is already out. Need a pair of snow pants because your son ripped his in January?  TOUGH! All the vacation attire is out. Well for the rest of us who are not lucky enough to go on cruise in January, can you leave a friggin’ pair of snow pants in the store!?


Times are tough, and money just doesn’t go as far as it used to. Many of us are overworked and underpaid. Or don’t have enough work to keep things afloat. So when the stories, or the buyers, or whomever makes the decisions about what is put out in the store when, well they need to think. Think about us stressed out moms out here who just want to go to the store and buy a pumpkin in October, and not a Christmas tree! We’re already stressed about the money we will spend during the holidays. Please let us enjoy each season as it should happen, and not jam it down our throats that the next holiday is around the corner, which in this case, it isn’t! It’s October and Christmas is 10 weeks away. I don’t need a Christmas tree yet, thank you very much!

Christmas too early? Dina thinks the stores have it all wrong!

Christmas too early? MomCaveTv.com

Christmas in October?


Dina Drew

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