Caillou’s Mom | MomCave LIVE on why she’s so annoying

Guest on MomCave LIVE making a funny face about Caillou's Mom

Caillou’s Mom. We call Bullshit.

We’ve had it with Caillou. And his frickin’ mother. That lady makes us all look bad.

Funny Moms Talk About Caillou’s Mom LIVE

Our live series, MomCave LIVE, is back with a brand new episode. We’re psyched to welcome Glynis Ratcliffe (The Joy of Cooking for Little Assholes, BLUNTMoms) as this episode’s guest. We talk about our mutual hatred of Caillou’s mother. (Inspired by this blog post by Glynis that Jen stumbled upon while staying up way too late online reading about Caillou’s Mom.)

Clearly, I am not handling my children’s meltdowns as well as Caillou’s mom either. Every moment is a Learning Moment for her, even if it’s the 15th time that day that Caillou has lost his mind over some tiny, insignificant event. Oh, and each one of those Learning Moments results in Caillou immediately responding positively and with smiles and understanding.


And we also have Julie Maida from the blog  Next Life, No Kids, who created these alternative lyrics to that grating Caillou theme song:

We just have so many questions about Caillou and his mom. Did you know her name is Doris and she’s 34 on the show, even though she dresses like she’s 72? (Wondering how old is Caillou’s mom? It took me an hour to figure out that she’s 34 years old.) Her in-laws are characters in the series, Grandma and Grandpa, but her own parents are never shown. Poor lady. (Imagine what her diary entries would sound like!) Doris makes us real-life moms feel crappy because she’s a myth of the perfect mom.

Burning Questions:

Why is Caillou bald? Does he have cancer? What’s with the edges of the frame never being colored in? Why does Caillou’s Mom dress like a Dumpy Debbie Downer? And is Caillou’s dad really Justin Trudeau?

And in a classic MomCave Live surprise, Stephanie actually thinks Caillou’s dad is hot. Oh, Steph. (His name is Boris, by the way and there’s a very funny take on why Caillou’s dad is an asshole here.)  All this and more on our live broadcast which you can WATCH HERE.


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Caillou's Mom logo about with her photo and text saying hilarious discussion of caillou's mom on momcave live

Hilarious discussion of Caillou’s Mom on MomCave LIVE


calliou's mom and caillou's dad walking swinging Caillou by the arms while carrying his baby sister



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