Boss Babe Mom Tips: Feel Empowered On & Off the Clock

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You know the classic balancing act we go through each day as mothers? Reaching your dream career goals can seem just about impossible. It’s true that navigating motherhood and growing in a career isn’t a walk in the park. It requires lots of hard work and dedication. As a working mom, juggling all of these roles can lead to a hard grind, but it is such a rewarding experience in the end. Here are some tips to be a true boss babe mom.

Busy moms in this modern world have waaay too many things constantly pulling at our attention. So,how do we transform the negative toll it takes on us into something positive? Be mindful of your work-life balance routine as you are learning and growing; it takes time and patience! You’ll soon love the process and feel empowered to continue your career journey alongside your kids as they grow.

Tips for Boss Babe Moms

Here are five confidence-boosting tips to feel empowered whether you’re throwing your passion into your work or caring for your family at home.

Own Your Achievements

No matter how busy life gets, it’s important to recognize your accomplishments. Big or small,don’t let them go unnoticed. Display them on a corkboard above your desk, or even on the fridge at home. When you hit your goals and see the growth you’ve made in your career or life in general, it can be extremely empowering.

Plus, success can be defined in so many ways; it’s possible your career is more successful than it seems to you. While you may not always reach your ideal outcome, you can decide to be in control of your future. Learn to accept failures along the way and grow from it, rather than letting it hold you back. Remind yourself that not everything goes perfectly, but you can still feel motivated every day to reach your dreams as you overcome obstacles.

Dress for Success

There are some days when it just seems like nothing is going your way. What you need might be as simple as an outfit refresh. Not only can this get you in a better mood, but it can build your confidence as you change up your everyday style.

Dressing to impress yourself is one of the most powerful ways to feel confident and more “you”! While it may be tempting to stay cozy in lounge-wear all the time, especially for remote employees, it’s not always the right fit for a professional setting. It can make it harder to separate work from your personal life as these kinds of clothes aren’t associated with your job. (I’m a huge fan of Modern Mom Style Box. Check it out if you haven’t!)

Try dressing it up with business-casual yoga pants, layering a blouse with a cardigan, wearing comfy shoes, and further amplifying your outfit with trendy and sleek accessories. Your glasses can be a great place to start if you wear them.

Glasses are an essential part of expressing yourself, regardless of how dressed up or dressed down you may be. Choosing from a variety of stylish women’s eyeglass frames that are right for you can make a whole world of a difference in confidence, especially if you’re seeing yourself in Zoom meetings all day and want to appear more professional.

Cheer On Fellow Working Moms

Empowerment doesn’t just all come from your own willpower. Other moms who are in the same boat as you are huge influences to help your potential truly shine. Also, just the simple fact of knowing you’re not alone and you’re part of a community is beneficial in itself. Don’t compare yourself to other boss babe moms in your industry, you’re unique in your own way. Instead, connect with other working moms and find inspiration through them!

Ignore the picture-perfect lifestyles on social media, and focus on the impact you’re making and what skills you can gain from connections.

Teamwork in the workplace can often be forgotten when we’re so focused on our own goals. Supporting your fellow working moms can create a domino effect to encourage others, empowering you more in return. This doesn’t have to be a journey you take alone, you may even find someone who is just as uplifting and supportive as you can be.

Slay Your Self-Care, You Boss Babe Mom

We all talk about “self-care”… but do we ever really do it? With a heavy workload and deadlines to meet, on top of tending to your kids, partner, and home, you likely haven’t even tackled your endless to-do list. This never-ending cycle can quickly cause you to become burnt out. And it’s possible you’ve already felt this way. Our bodies and minds need time to recharge to create an inspiring space.

Take the time to recognize what your limits are, then start being honest with yourself and your schedule. Being realistic with your boss babe mom agenda can help you learn what you can accomplish in a day while setting boundaries around that. This way, you can incorporate more self-care and discover how much more you can give to others when you improve your own well-being. Every busy mom deserves a break. After all, we as mothers are aging with our kids and going through different experiences. Start an exercise routine, read a good book, have a glass of wine, and most of all: take a break from technology.

Let Your Kids Be Your Motivation

As mothers, it’s second nature for us to put our kids first. But, it’s all about balance. It’s not healthy to always put yourself second and it teaches kids the wrong lesson. You’re the biggest role model for your kids, and you need to give your brand at least close to the same hustle and attention as you would your family.

One thing’s for sure, it’s easy to get defeated when you feel like you’ve let your kids down. Rather than feeling this way, let your kids be your motivation as you become an inspiration for them. When your kids watch how you dust yourself off after a fall and get back on that horse,they will respect and remember those moments. It teaches them to do the same when they fall down too. So put your heart into it!

Life is an adventure of ups and downs. Understand that there are going to be obstacles all women face as they balance career and motherhood. Never give up, and pursue the career you’ve worked so hard for! You can always reconnect with your passions, and take these tips above as a constant reminder of that. Get out there and be the best boss babe mom you can be!

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