Beyond Baskets: How a Sports-Clueless Mom Scored Big with The Harlem Globetrotters

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When my son was a baby, my sister-in-law generously offered to go through her boys’ old clothes and make a bin of useful hand-me-downs that I would need in a few short years. As she piled many pairs of baseball pants into the bin I said, “Thanks, but I don’t think we’ll be needing those.” She looked at me somewhat smugly, armed with the knowledge of many years of parenting sons, and said, “Trust me. You’ll need them.” She then told me how pricey they are and that we would be grateful we didn’t have to buy them in the future. I didn’t see myself as a baseball mom, but I did know that I’d support whatever my child chose to pursue, so I nodded and thanked her. So what does all of this have to do with The Harlem Globetrotters? Read on.

Musicals Over Sports

I am not a sports fan. I might enjoy a live game of some sort once every five to ten years, but I never watch sports on TV and am incredibly grateful that my husband who DOES enjoy sports is too stressed out to watch games at home, and instead follows the scores on his phone while we watch other things, like movie musicals. Hooray for anxiety!

This musicals-over-sports imbalance has transferred itself to our child’s preferences. We have a hilarious video of him at age two, settling down for some TV time. You can hear my husband saying, “Wanna watch some football?” and our kid politely replying, “No fank you!” My husband continues to mess with him and says, “Yeah… football sounds good right now. I’ll turn it on!” My poor baby begins to get worked up and says, “No! No football! I wanna watch Wittle Mermaid or Kung Fu Panda!” Hubby then pushes it one step too far and says, “Let me see… what channel is football on right now?” sending the toddler over the edge until he bursts into tears. His twisted father quickly backpedals. “Ok! Ok! I’ll put on Kung Fu Panda, alright?” My sweet boy stops crying, shudders with deep relief, and says, “Yeahhhh.” Like I said… hilarious. 

The Harlem Globetrotters

The kid is 10 now and has been to so many live theatre performances I’ve lost count, but has attended only one in-person baseball game. I feel somewhat to blame, but also… kids are who they are, right? He could easily have fallen in love with baseball but he didn’t. Instead, he listens to Broadway soundtracks and takes a film class and goes to a summer camp where they put on a musical. However, I do think in order to be a functioning member of American society it’s helpful to at least be able to differentiate between baseball, football, and basketball. While it may be too late to turn him into a fan, I believe we can show him that sports possess elements of entertainment that are as compelling as Wicked or Rent. So, in an effort to right my wrongs, I am taking him to see the Harlem Globetrotters

I feel like this is the best idea ever! I remember being a child and loving them any time they appeared on a television special. When I saw their commercials on TV I would beg my dad to take me, but I never got the chance to go. I recently learned that their 2024 world tour tickets are on sale and when I saw that promo code USFAM would get us up to 20% off, I was sold. It may not be baseball, but I get to be the one to introduce Sports. I’m truly looking forward to this new bonding experience and I am sure we’re going to have a blast. Maybe we’ll even learn the difference between a jump shot and a layup. I promise to write a review and report back. Until then, does anyone reading this need some baseball pants?


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