Benefits of Your Child Taking a School Bus

Benefits of Your Child Taking a School Bus

We have all had that frantic morning experience of trying to get our kids ready for school when they aren’t cooperating. It’s easy to lose your patience when there isn’t a routine they stick to, which is why letting your kids take the bus to school circumvents that issue. These benefits of your child taking a school bus will show you that this option makes the most sense for everyone.

Sets a Routine and Schedule

Setting a routine is a great way to get my child in check. They know they’ll miss the bus if they don’t get up in time, which means they’ll have an upset mom on their hands. Sticking to a schedule provides some order for their young, short lives. That’s something that benefits every child for life down the road.


It feels like I have a million things to do in the morning. Therefore, adding another task to my to-do list is the last thing I want to do. Walking my kids to the bus stop is something I can easily fit in my itinerary, especially when the alternative is taking them to school myself.

Being able to wave goodbye as they step across that yellow line lets me enjoy an extra cup of coffee before I start my hectic day. Additionally, suppose you are a mom with multiple children that go to different schools. In that case, it’s a lot easier to use the bus system to get them to where they need to go rather than gallivanting around town together.


To my surprise, it’s safer for children to ride a bus than being in a car seat in my vehicle. That does seem odd, considering most buses don’t even have seat belts, but your children are in significantly better hands with a professional bus driver who follows the road rules.

Interaction With Peers

Every teen movie or TV show from my youth had critical plot developments regarding what happens on a school bus. It might have been a sweet gesture of waiting for your crush after school, or it may have been related to the fear of avoiding a bully. Nevertheless, these plot lines were abundant!

The relationships you build on the bus may last forever. You never know if the person your child sits next to will become their confidant for the rest of their life. That character-building is something they don’t get if their parent takes them to school. The independence of interacting with your peers on the way to school sets children up for years to come.

Teaches Responsibility

Although they don’t know the struggle of adulthood, kids love the idea of doing grown-up things. One of these things includes riding the bus by themselves. That’s a big notch on the metaphorical “big kid” belt. Prioritizing their responsibilities of getting to the bus on time, stepping foot on the right bus, and getting off at the correct stop is a challenge even some adults struggle with.

As you can see, there are several benefits of your child taking a school bus. Any time you can get a win-win situation, you must take it!

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