Bathing Suits that Make You Look 10 Pounds Slimmer | Miraclesuit Swim Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Miraclesuit, bathing suits that make you look 10 pounds slimmer. All opinions are my own. BTW, my opinion is my ass looks much better in a Miraclesuit! 😉

Swimming season is in full swing. Are you even a mom if you haven’t hung by the side of pool for hours while various kids yell, “Watch me! Watch me! Look at this! See what I can do?

Gone are the days of lounging in a cute suit, sipping margaritas, gossiping with your bestie while waiting for a cute shirtless dude to ask you out. Well, gone for me, at least. If that’s still you, rock it, mama!

But for me, swimsuit season is now more about hanging with groups of friends or family who also have kids. While the parents also have some fun, mostly we are just trying to make sure no one drowns.

And the kids always want mom and/or dad to play with them in the water. But a lot of moms, myself included, are self-conscious about how they look in a bathing suit. We hide under a cover-up and tell our kids we don’t want to get wet.

Well, I’m done with that shit. I don’t want to be remembered as mom on the shore. I want to live in the moment, experience summer with my kids, and feel cute doing it!

As I’m writing this post, I’m already worried about how I’ll be judged for worrying about my appearance. How shallow of me. But I’m just being honest. I do worry. For too long, my appearance defined a huge part of my identity. (I’m a former pageant girl and model…. I know, crazy, right?) I’ve found a new kind freedom since having kids.

Now in my 40’s (very early 40s!) I finally go out into the world without wearing makeup on a regular basis. I may have a mummy tummy and thicker thighs now, but I can honestly say, I’ve never been stronger. I’ve gone back to taking ballet lessons after 20 years. Though it’s frustrating that I can’t do many of the things I could when I was 20, I also appreciate ballet in a whole new way. I’m much more attuned to my body’s alignment now and am discovering little tweaks I never thought of when I was younger and could just push myself.

About three years ago, I finally tried my first swimsuit from Miraclesuit. The itty bitty bikinis of my youth just weren’t an option anymore. But I still wanted to look…well, hot. Miraclesuit’s tag line is, “Look 10 lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds®” And it’s really true!

I’ve owned a few different suits but the Jena is by far my favorite. It sucks in my mummy tummy and turns my curves into a plus rather than something to be self-conscious about!

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  • Annette

    Wow makes you look 10 pounds light? I need about 5 of these! 🙂


    bathing suit to fit and look good is a summer nightmare having one like this one would be a dream thank you!!!

  • I’ve heard of these for years, but have never tried one. I’d love to have a bathing suit that makes me look thinner and is attractive!

  • sandra

    who can’t stand to look 10 lbs thinnger

  • Jamie Martin


  • Young M

    I’ve seen a lot of two-piece swimsuits with high-waisted bottoms too. ? I’ve tried some too, and they’re great ?

  • I’d love to try this out 🙂


    name – edye

  • Pat S

    Really great looking suits!!

  • Laura

    This looks great! I like them!

  • susan hartman

    Some really nice suits. Good for both my adult daughter and myself.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    This would be wonderful. Great looking suits to choose from too.

  • Shelly Taylor

    Ten pounds slimmer looking! Yes please!! Really cute suit. You look great. ?

  • Shelly Taylor

    Ten pounds slimmer! Yes please!! Cute suit. You look great! ?

  • Jennifer H.

    I like the olive green color of this suit.

  • savannah

    I’m going to look into these. I just went to Kalahari Resorts and I didn’t realize my mom belly as much as I did there. 🙁

  • Amy Deeter

    Absolutely love the swimsuits. i haven’t owned one in over 10 years

  • AEKZ2

    I’d love for my tummy to look slimmer


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