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bad parenting moments bethany theis

Ah, babies. They have no concept of death and love to snuggle furry things.

In this all-new episode of Blabbermom, Bad Parenting Moments creator, Bethany Theis, tells about a time her toddler got a little too friendly with a dead squirrel.

Bad Parenting Moments on Blabbermom | Baby & Dead Squirrel

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Blabbermom is an original web series where we interview real moms as they tell us their parenting stories–the good, the bad, the ugly, and the downright embarrassing. If you live in the New York city area and would like to be interviewed, get in touch via the form on our About page.

This round of Blabbermoms was made possible by the Dover Film Production Grant. Us city-mamas drove up to the idyllic ski town of Dover, Vermont  (without husband and kids!) and spent a weekend shooting. 

bad parenting moments bethany theis


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