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Each stage of motherhood brings its own unique challenges. With babies and toddlers, I found one of the most annoying #momproblems to be socks that won’t stay on -especially in cold climates, where it’s not appropriate for baby to go around all barefoot.

This #MomProblem is solved by our friends at Squid Socks, who sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

It’s the little things…

When you are a brand-new mom, running on fumes, it’s not always the big-picture things that drive you batty. It’s often the little annoyances that keep happening again and again. The constantly thrown paci or the baby socks that won’t stay on. All too often, new moms are too burned out to even consider that they have the power to eliminate those annoyances. Or, if the idea occurs to them, they don’t exactly have a ton of free time to research and find the perfect solution.

“Socks? No thanks.” Photo by

Now that my kids are 4 and 8, I can look back on the #momproblems I had when they were younger and share the solutions I found. Or at least, let YOU learn from my mistakes!

I can’t keep her out of the dishwasher… how am I going to make her keep her socks on??

When it came to shopping for baby socks, I tried them all. I went down a late-night rabbit hole of Googling “baby socks that stay on” and “baby socks that won’t come off” and “why won’t my kid keep his freakin’ socks on?” I bought a bunch of different brands of socks and booties and while some were better than others, most wound up on the floor amid giggles.

But now, after YEARS of searching, I’ve found the solution. Of course, my kids have moved past the Pulling-Socks-Off stage and are onto the Giving-Mom-Sass stage. But, YOU, my friends, can benefit from this information. (And if any moms with older kids have advice on the sass problem, send it my way, please!)

Check out Squid Socks. They have these ingenious itty bitty silicone dots that hold the socks on so no baby or toddler can Houdini out of them. Enter our giveaway below to win some!

Baby Socks that Stay ON!

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