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(This post contains affiliate links to hard-to-find baby socks that stay on.)

Each stage of motherhood brings its own unique challenges. With babies and toddlers, one of the most annoying #momproblems is socks that won’t stay on -especially in cold climates, where it’s not appropriate for baby to go around all barefoot.

It’s the little things…

When you are a brand-new mom, running on fumes, it’s not always the big-picture things that drive you batty. It’s often the little annoyances that keep happening again and again. The constantly thrown paci or the baby socks that won’t stay on. All too often, new moms are too burned out to even consider that they have the power to eliminate those annoyances. Or, if the idea occurs to them, they don’t exactly have a ton of free time to research and find the perfect solution.

Now that my kids are 6 and 10, I can look back on the #momproblems I had when they were younger and share the solutions I found. Or at least, let YOU learn from my mistakes!

When it came to shopping for baby socks, I tried them all. I went down a late-night rabbit hole of Googling “baby socks that stay on” and “baby socks that won’t come off” and “why won’t my kid keep his freakin’ socks on?” I bought a bunch of different brands of socks and booties and while some were better than others, most wound up on the floor amid giggles.

But now, after YEARS of searching, I’ve found the solution. Of course, my kids have moved past the Pulling-Socks-Off stage and are onto the Giving-Mom-Sass stage. But, YOU, my friends, can benefit from this information. (And if any moms with older kids have advice on the sass problem, send it my way, please!)

The Ultimate List of Baby Socks that Stay ON!

Best Overall – Squid Socks

Featured on Shark Tank, Squid Socks have patent-pending silicone “squiggly dots” inside the cuff of the sock that makes them near impossible for babies and toddlers to pull off. They come in sizes from teeny-tiny newborn to 3T, so you can even get your toddler’s socks to stay on. They come in three packs in a ton of colors–both boys, girls, and gender-neutral. I love the ruffly dress socks for little girls!

To Add To Socks You Already Own – Sock Ons

These are slipped over existing socks making them near impossible for babies to pull off. They lock baby socks on. These are only for young babies, though, not children who are walking and they can’t be worn with shoes.

Water Shoes Make Great Substitutes for Baby Socks that Won’t Stay On

Hear me out. These are really difficult to pull off. Yay! They make excellent non-slip socks for hardwood and tile floors. And for warm weather, they are perfect for water play!

Value Pack of “Wiggle-Proof” Socks by Gerber

From one of the most trusted names in baby products, Gerber’s Wiggle-Proof socks stay on, mostly because they are cut smaller and tighter than most socks. Some parents love them and some hate how tight they are. But at such a bargain price for a value pack, it’s worth trying!

Nurses Choice Newborn Socks

For the littlest babies, I’ve heard great things about Nurses Choice newborn socks. They have an adorable bubble-stitch design that helps them grip tiny feet.

My Go-To – Baby Booties that Stay On AND Double as Socks!

baby socks that stay on momcave baby laughing while climbing on dishwasher without wearing any socks
I can’t keep her out of the dishwasher… how am I going to make her keep her socks on??

When my daughter was in the sock-pulling off stage, we were given a pair of these Zutano booties. Think of them as Baby-sized Uggs. They come in fleece for winter and lighter cotton for summer, with a huge variety of colors and prints to match every outfit. Many times, I had my kids wear these as socks. On very cold days, I’d layer the booties over socks. The strong snaps are impossible for little fingers to pull off.

Though the Zutano brand is the most well-known, there are also a ton of knock-offs, most of which I found totally comparable.

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“Socks? No thanks.” Photo by
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