Sweep & Scoop | Baby Sleep Hacks? | SLUMMY MUMMY | Episode 4

Everyone has their own baby sleep hacks, the thing that ONE TIME immediately preceded a good sleep by baby that you then try AGAIN and AGAIN when baby won’t sleep, hoping against hope that it will be the thing to end the crying.

I had a few tricks up my sleeve from years of babysitting–the usual swaddle, shush, pacifier, kind of stuff. My husband, on the other hand, had zero experience with babies whatsoever when he became a parent. Yet, within a week, he had created his own baby sleep hack, which we named the “Sweep and Scoop.”

He was convinced that if you rocked a baby just so, the baby would magically be soothed. Something about giving the baby a feeling of “zero gravity.” (His words.)

Did it work? Maybe sometimes. Who knows why a newborn finally calms down? But my husband thought it did. And so, on the rare nights he was home from working his bum off, he “Sweeped and Scooped” for hours.

This inspired the opening of our fourth episode of the award-winning web series, “Slummy Mummy.” If you’ve ever tried to get it on while your little one slept… this one is for you.

Sweep & Scoop | Baby Sleep Hacks? | SLUMMY MUMMY | Ep 4






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