Valisa Tate, mother of two spirited girls, is a Stunt Woman/Actor in TV & Film. ( She’s also the Co-Creator/Co-Producer & Art Director of MomCave, a network of snarky videos for moms.

Family Music Video Series | “Let’s Dance” | Mama Jams

“Let’s Dance!” Valisa and her adorable family are back with a brand new episode of “Mama Jams,” our family music video series. Valisa, her adorable daughters, and sometimes their hot daddy, cover rock and roll’s greatest hits using only household items and children’s musical instruments! “Let’s Dance” Cover | Mama Jams | Family Music Video Series on Episode notes from Valisa: The girls are getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera as MAMA JAMS evolves. In fact, […]

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Family Music Video | Mama Jams | Stray Cat Strut

Mama Jams is back with a new family music video! MomCave’s Valisa and her adorable family cover the ’80s classic, Stray Cat Strut. If you missed their cover of Glamorous Life, check it out here. And comment to let us know what song you’d like this talented family to cover next. “In this episode, I thought it would be funny to have my 6’3” husband play a tiny toy guitar. We shot each part separately. James’ guitar part first, my percussion […]

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Mama Jams! | New Family Musical Webseries | Glamorous Life

What calms colicky babies, whiny preschoolers, and even an annoyed spouse? MUSIC. Music is an undervalued tool in your parenting arsenal. I’ve noticed it’s so much easier to cook dinner each night if there’s music playing. My kids and I can dance and sing and they are in a much better mood than if I just told them to get out of my hair so I can cook!  MomCave’s own Valisa Tate (remember she’s our Stunt Mom?) has taken family music […]

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Movie Review: Mother’s Day Movie

I’m a huge movie buff. My husband is as well. But there are only a limited amount of ‘chick flicks’ my husband can take. Judging from the trailer, he decided Mother’s Day did not make the cut. So when I was invited by Stroller in the City to a special screening of Garry Marshall’s new film Mother’s Day,  I was super excited. Not only did I get to kick back with free popcorn and slurp on a cherry ICEE in the company […]

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Clutch, the Novel.. A story of love and handbags. And a diaper bag giveaway

Review of clutch: a novel (and a giveaway below!)   clutch: a novel by Lisa Becker is a lot of things. It’s funny. It’s clever. It’s chick lit at it’s best.    This novel is the kind of light and breezy page-turner you can take in after the kids go to bed.    It reads like a screenplay. I can easily see it being optioned into a feature film. Fingers crossed!   This is an entertaining read about the dating life […]

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