Mom and nanny.

Child Ready to Clean? | 7 Ways to Tell

Last weekend I decided to clean out our awfully messy minivan. You know, the typical mom-van that has goldfish, cheerios and chip crumbs everywhere, along with spills of unknown contents. After I had cleaned out our van my son said very emphatically, “Thank youuuu, Mom, for cleaning the van. It really needed to be done.” My first thought, was “Wow, you’re welcome?” I didn’t realize my lack of cleanliness was affecting his personal style. Then, I realized if it’s affecting […]

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SAHM Job Performance Review…. by kids!

My Children Gave me a SAHM Job Performance Evaluation, They Certainly Did Not Fail Me. Recently, I have found myself in my least likely job position, stay-at-home-mom. I have always loved to work and just never thought I would find myself as a full-time SAHM. As they say, though, life happens and this is my current position. I have always thought I would fail as a SAHM for many reasons. I get easily bored, would probably spend all day watching […]

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