Melanie Forstall is a full-time mother, teacher, and writer. She does a lot of laundry and has strong feelings about the Oxford comma. Together with her husband, she is raising her family in south Louisiana.

5 Things to Remember When Trying to Survive the Holidays

5 Things to Remember When Trying to Survive the Holidays The holidays can be hard for so many of us. It’s as though all of the dysfunction ever known to man emerges on one day. The pressures can be overwhelming, too. I remember the first time I had to bring a dozen hard-boiled eggs to a holiday event at my in-law’s and I swear (at the time) it was the most stress-inducing event I had ever engaged in. (So many […]

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The Top 5 Times I Lost it or Threw Shade at Kids

I may be a relatively well-seasoned mother of two, but I am still a very flawed human. Motherhood can be overwhelming and sometimes that stress can bring out my absolute worst qualities. I try to embrace this, and admit the un-admittable, because, the truth is, we are all in this together. If I ever want to celebrate our best days, I have to laugh at the worst (and I cross my fingers that you are laughing, too). Top 5 Times […]

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