WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY 3/21 Rocking Acceptance

Hello World!  March 21st is WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY. My daughter, Belle, was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome.   Down Syndrome (NOT DOWNS) is a common genetic condition that occurs when there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. (T21) And so, World Down Syndrome Day is 3/21. (See what they did there?) What YOU Can Do on World Down Syndrome Day 2019 I have four kids total and the adventure that I have been on with Miss B […]

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Playlists for Moms aka Mom Mix Tapes

Do you remember Mix Tapes? The HOURS sometimes DAYS of putting together that cassette tape of all your favorite songs. Over time the “Mixtape” has become “the Playlist.” Just because you’ve popped out a couple of humans does not mean that you are no longer allowed to “bust a groove.” Music is a powerful thing that has proved the best medicine for a stressful day so we’ve come up with some ideas for playlists for moms. In “Mama’s Feel Good […]

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