Good Enough Mom is a scattered mom of three trying to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. She has discovered over the years as a parent that it’s better to laugh than cry at all that this journey brings (so she laughs - A LOT). She loves all things 80s hair bands, alone time, alliteration, reading and craft beer (not necessarily in that order)!

Birth Announcement Fail : “Meet My New Daughter. And My Wife’s Vagina.”-Dad

I come to you with a cautionary tale of the ultimate birth announcement fail for new or even seasoned dads. Thankfully this one has a happy ending. (NO, not like that) We’re still married and like one another so I’ll chalk that up as a good sign. Shortly after delivering our third child (our first girl who was the size of a 10 lb bowling ball) I was oh, say a tad sore and wanted to attempt to take a […]

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