Kimberly Pangaro is inspired by her children to create the kinds of stories she wants them to read. She runs a mommy blog that shares helpful tips to other mothers as well as guides, how-to’s, and general information about motherhood, children, parenting, marriages, and health. Helping others through the challenges of parenthood so they can focus on the beautiful moments might be one of her favorite things to do outside caring for her own family. Kimberly lives in Bergen County, NJ and is married to a police officer. They have four wonderful daughters and a beloved family dog. She’s also inspired by music and often hits shuffle on her diverse Spotify playlist just to be surprised by what comes on next! She loves listening to oldies like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, etc. In her down time she enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking, and taking photos. Her books are designed to help promote self-esteem in children and promote healthy reading habits. You can find her on Instagram too: @atomic_mommy

Surviving Motherhood | My Mantra ‘Is What Would Elsa Do?’

Every mother should find a mantra to live up to while in the throes of surviving motherhood. It is with this mentality that I have found a mantra to live by, survive by, and journey forward in — “What Would Elsa Do?” I’m sure you’re wondering who the heck Elsa is and why do I strive to parent like her. Well, in case you missed the last decade of Disney movies, Elsa is that lovable character from the movie Frozen. […]

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Life as a Crap Mom | 5 Ways to Suck at Momming 😉

Most of my motherhood years have been spent as a crap mom! You heard me right. It wasn’t a blip and I promise, your hearing is not failing you. I truly feel that I have spent the last 15 years of my life as a crap mom and that’s because I have been exhausted for most, if not all of it. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s pretty simple and maybe after reading my failures as a mother, […]

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Sex After Hysterectomy Surgery | A Hysterectomy Saved My Sex Life

You read that right. A hysterectomy literally saved my sex life and could possibly save yours, too! Sex after hysterectomy surgery is the best of my life… I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean. Four years ago, I gave birth to my last little and since then, my body has not been the same. One minute I’d be in searing pain and the other, I would be hornier than a rabbit on steroids. During sex, the pain in my hoo-ha […]

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