Kathy Radigan is a writer, blogger, social media addict, mom to three, wife to one and owner of a possessed appliance. She posts a weekly essay each Sunday on her blog, My dishwasher's possessed! Kathy is the author of the viral post An Open Letter to My Teenage Son About Drinking and is a Huffington Post contributor. Her work has been on Scary Mommy, TODAY Parents, Yahoo, and Thought Catalog, as well as other online publications. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

The Day a Bag of Candy Saved Me –Guest Post

When the phone rang I didn’t think twice to run and pick it up, even though it meant leaving my five-year-old son and two-year-old daughter alone in the sun room with a preschool goody bag filled to the brim with Easter candy. I figured it was my mom asking me a quick question about the upcoming holiday. Not for a second did I think I was picking up a call that would change our lives forever and fill me with […]

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How Princesses Helped Me Connect with My Special Needs Princess Daughter

This is a guest post in a series of posts from Special Needs parents by Kathy Radigan about her special needs princess. I’m a “girly girl” that was born to a mother and a family that never really appreciated nor indulged my passion for all things pink, sparkly, and shiny. Both my parents had the crazy idea that my sisters and I should grow up feeling that we were more than just pretty objects to be taken care of and […]

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