Karen Finally Got Some Alone Time… and Missed her Son

I finally got some much-longed for alone time. But it didn’t turn out how I expected. “Ok buddy, I’ll see you Friday okay? Love you!” My son barely took his eyes off the tablet screen to say good bye to me. Apparently watching a jet-plane take off is far more interesting than saying goodbye to your mother when you’re three-years- old. I mean, let’s face it, he doesn’t completely understand what I’m talking about and he has minimal concept of […]

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Benefits of Daycare… for this MOM! Guest Post.

Daycare is closed this week and, because it’s a holiday and I’m not working, I’m home with my son. It’s just me and my mini-human. All day, every day. For five days straight. Throughout the week, and during my temporary stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) duty, I’ve been thinking about what it takes to be a SAHM and the thoughts are just as exhausting to me as actually staying home. This week has been the confirmation I’ve looked for ever since I made […]

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