In addition to being a mom, wife and marketer, Joelene Wolfe is the creator of Happiness Depends. After years of working unhappily in the corporate world and following someone else's dream, she took the big leap to finally follow her own dream of acting. She is now enjoying helping others take their 1st step toward their dreams. Now let's get your happy on.

What Teachers Wish They Could Say to Parents

Teachers And Parents: Big Differences There are so many big differences between teachers and parents! Teachers have some sort of special gene that I am apparently missing. They choose to be with my kid and everyone else’s kids ALL day! They are special people indeed. The flack they must take from parents must be crazy because we all can be a little (okay a lot) whacky when it comes to our kids. Being THAT Parent I was never THAT parent […]

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Family Vacations: The Secret So They Don’t Suck

We plan them way in advance, spend too much money on them and look forward to them as if they were some cosmic event.  Vacations are our time to put work aside and bask in the sheer joy of being a family. Can’t you just hear the waves crashing and feel the sunshine on your skin as you are reading this? BULLS#it! In fact, I am pretty sure the thought of vacation is what gets us through work for half […]

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Why This Straight Mama Needs A Wife

I was so ready for summer to be over and to be back in a routine. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans! Yup. When school started back up, my life kicked into high gear (a.k.a it’s out of control). The feeling of too much at once is the story of my life and sometimes I just need a little help. My husband is super busy with work and is rarely home. So being the “It […]

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Momtrends Back To School Event

  It may only be July but it’s never too early to start thinking about school starting again. In fact, I started thinking about it on the first day of summer. 😉  And our school literally sent home our supply list a few days after school ended. Like hope at the end of the tunnel of a loooong summer. Whether you received your school supply list or not, Momtrends is helping us all be prepared with their annual Back to […]

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Confessions of an Illiterate Sports Wife

You know that one sports wife who blurts out stats like nobody’s business and analyzes each play like a pro?  You know her! The one who is so knowledgeable about the game that she could be on TV commentating?  That one. Yeah, well I am here to tell you that I am NOT her. I am so far from her that I’m pretty sure my husband and kids cringe at the idea of me even being in the room when […]

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