Bio: Jennifer Frank is a family physician by day and a writer by night but a mom all the time, including at three o'clock in the morning when her children walk around to her side of the bed for drinks of water and bad dreams. She enjoys writing everything from flash fiction to medical articles and is a fiend with a to-do list which remains filled with half-finished projects. Her first novel was published in April, 2015.

Straight from the Doc | Doctor Advice Sex After Baby

There’s a doctor in the house! Welcome our new contributor, Dr. Jennifer Frank, in her first post for MomCave. Doctor advice sex after baby. I’ve been on both sides. Delivering babies and having my own delivered. Nothing can prepare you for the first time you meet the person you’ve gestated for nine long months. It is love at first sight – made possible in part by large amounts of oxytocin, the love hormone, surging through your veins. It’s nature’s equivalent of […]

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