Dina Drew, mother of 2, is a professional actress who has appeared on shows like "Limitless," "Law & Order: SVU," "Blue Bloods," "White Collar" and "Rescue Me;" as well as dozens of TV commercials. She is also a writer/blogger/ photographer/producer/meme maker and frequent contributor to MomCaveTV.com. To learn more about her visit www.dinadrew.com.

Mother’s Day Sucks | When YOUR Mom is Gone

Mother’s Day sucks. There, I said it! I fully admit it. It shouldn’t. I’m the proud and lucky mom of two great kids, a girl, 10, and a boy, 4. They are my life, my joy, and I couldn’t imagine my world without them. But see, I belong to this club, the one that no one ever wants to be a part of.  I’m a card-carrying member of the “my mother is dead so Mother’s Day sucks club.” There are […]

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Ways to Avoid Arguing with Relatives This Holiday | Win Games from The Op

This post is sponsored by our friends at The Op Games. We only share the things we love and use ourselves. Some links are affiliate links. And you can win games from The Op below! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Well, except for all of the arguing and awkward tense silences that are associated with family gatherings. In our current climate of division, generational divide and strong opinions, it’s wise to come up with some strategies to […]

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Why does Christmas come so DAMN EARLY? A RANT!

Christmas in October?=Christmas too early! When I was a kid I looked forward to the change in the seasons. I enjoyed decorating for each holiday. My kids LOVE putting up decorations now too, but I’ve grown bitter, because every time I head into the store to buy something that reflects the given season, well – it’s out of stock, replaced with merchandise that I have absolutely no use for in a given season. Have you been in this position? Replace […]

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REAL Potty Training Tips – Get it done in 24 to 48 hours | Sponsored by Splatter Shield

(This post is sponsored by Splatter Shield. We only share things we absolutely LOVE with our MomCavers. Some links are affiliate links, which means if you buy through that link, we make a commission at no extra cost to you.) Potty Training is so much fun! NOT. It’s stressful, time consuming, messy and downright heart breaking. Poke around the internet and you’ll get all types of advice about charts and rewards and teaching infants how to do it from birth and […]

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11 Things That Will NOT Happen the Way You Planned During Pregnancy, Birth, and the Early Years

  ♦Your birth plan! Burn that sucker now. There’s a VERY strong possibility that your birth will go NOTHING like you planned, so just make peace with it. ♦That you will be able to breastfeed like a wet nurse. Sure, millions of women master the art of breasting feeding their young, but there is a portion of the population that breastfeeding doesn’t work for, that’s why there were wet nurses in the first place. ♦That you will WANT to have […]

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