Adorable Tears for Fears Cover | Mama Jams | Family Music Video Series

Adorable Tears for Fears Cover Shout MamaJams MomCave

In their newest episode of Mama Jams, the Tate family performs one of the most adorable Tears for Fears cover ever! The cover “Shout” using only household objects.

Who says kids have to listen to Barney songs over and over? Valisa’s girls are being schooled in rock and roll’s greatest hits.

From Creator/Director/Camera Person/Musician/Mama Valisa:

In this episode of Mama Jams, Mia is playing the pepper grinder, Zoe is playing tupperware and a rocks glass with a spoon and I’m playing a water glass with a whisk and spoons. It also features cameo footage of Zoe singing when she was 3 years old.

Shout | Adorable Tears for Fears Cover | MamaJams on MomCave

Adorable Tears for Fears cover of Shout on MamaJams MomCave

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