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Yup, MomCave is PR-friendly. (We are also friendly to nannies, vintners, and yoga pants designers.) We get psyched about working with brands who make motherhood easier AND have a great sense of humor. We have a reach of over 109,000 highly engaged fans across multiple platforms and a thriving email list.

Did you know we are also an award-winning video production company? MomCave’s devoted audience are women who are decision-makers when it comes to household purchases. Not only do they choose which food, clothing, and cleaning products their families use, but they are constantly on the lookout for products that make hectic lives with children easier. New moms often feel that their style and beauty routines are relegated to the last priority and are eager to find ways to look and feel better.

The MomCave team are all veterans of the entertainment and advertising industries, with skills to over-deliver for YOUR brand. And you’ll have a heck of a good time working with us in the process!

Want to see some examples: Check out this YouTube playlist.

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Video Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms | Gifts that Make Real Moms Feel Real Sexy for Real

Holiday Gifts that Keep Kids OFF Screens

Sponsored LIVE Broadcasts

Easter Dinner Delivered | With a Giveaway from Burgers’ Smokehouse

The Evolution of Mom Underwear | Dairy Fairy on MomCave LIVE

How Training Horses is Like Raising Kids | Win a Trip to Pine Ridge Dude Camp

Sponsored Videos and Video Production

The Best NEW Ideas for Family Game Night Sponsored by The Op

Stuff Moms Google Sponsored by NetReset

Weird Pregnancy Tests Sponsored by Smile Reader App

Book Launches

The Mama Sutra | Soothe Babies with Allie Kingsley Baker

Holy Hot Mess | Mary Katherine Backstrom on Why Exposing Our Mess is Essential

Event Partnerships

No Barriers USA

The Big Mother House of Laughs Sponsored by The Op Games

Speaking Engagements

Our Electronic Press Kit: MomCaveEPK

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