35 Weeks Preemie! MomCave Pregnancy Vlog Update

35 weeks preemie pregnancy vlog birth vlog Momcave

We’ve got news! After being in the hospital on bedrest for one week after a placental abruption, we have news!

Here’s Jen’s video update on what happened the morning of Father’s Day, 2015.

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and prayers, YouTube  Twitter love, and Facebook encouragement!

Early Father’s Day Surprise! A 35 Weeks Preemie Arrival

Jen and her sister were thrown a joint baby shower with a “Two Peas in a Pod” theme by their awesome cousin Heidi. Unable to make it there due to bedrest to prevent preterm labor, Jen Facetimed in.

And then…

Pics of Ava’s Arrival at 35 Weeks!

Mama and baby are doing great. Ava was very big for a 35 weeks preemie. She’s spending some time in the NICU but doing super.



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