33 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog with All Kinds of Surprises!

33 weeks pregnancy vlog momcave pregnant vlog


It’s a cliché for a reason–life happens when you are busy making plans. I filmed this 33 weeks pregnancy vlog in a state of blissful ignorance, one day before my pre-term labor adventure began

In the video, I talk about how I’m enjoying pregnancy but have so much to do that I wouldn’t mind if this baby stayed in a couple of months past the due date. Boy, was I mistaken! 

The next morning, I was rushed to the hospital with severe bleeding from what we learned was a placental abruption. The local hospital transferred me via ambulance to a larger hospital (specializing in high-risk births and with a NICU) an hour and a half from my house. I spent the next week there, on hospital bed rest, trying to KEEP THE BABY in. She was born the morning of Father’s Day and spent some time in the NICU. So it all worked out in the end.

I’ve finally had time to edit the 33 weeks pregnancy vlog I made before the craziness began! Here it is:

Belated 33 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog



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