Post-Covid School Supply List – Weirdest Back to School Ever

2020 School Supple List -Kids on First Day of School

This fall may just be the strangest back-to-school season ever. Whether your kids are physically going back to school, homeschooling, distance-learning, or some kind of hybrid, none of the choices are perfect. My children are attending school, mostly outdoors, as of now. But who knows how long that will last. I’ve come up with a list of serious and not-so-serious products you need to add to your post-Covid 2020 school supply list.

2020 School Supply List

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Six-foot Ruler

How do you explain social distancing to a kindergartner? My kid doesn’t know what six feet means. Send them to school with this to help them keep their distance.

Hand Sanitizer

While hand sanitizer should never replace handwashing and cleaning, it’s a great addition. But the kids have to remember to use it! These kid-friendly hand sanitizer holders can be clipped onto backpacks, lunch boxes, and sports bags.

Or you can literally attach hand sanitizer to your kid’s arm with this hand sanitizer “watch.”

Masks for Kids

Whoever imagined that masks would become the most essential school supply? Yet here we are. Empower kids ( and give them an incentive to wear them) by allowing them to choose the design of their mask. Buy WAY more masks than you think you need because you know the kids are going to lose or destroy them. Mask lanyards are one of the most useful 2020 school supplies I can think of!

Masks for Parents

No one likes wearing a mask, but there ARE some upsides. Running late for drop-off? No need to put on makeup or even brush your teeth. You’re wearing a mask! Add sunglasses and no one will know who you are. Perfect for avoiding those Chatty Cathys while you wait for your kid.

Outdoor Gear

My children’s school is being held almost entirely outdoors. Whatever your school plan, we can be sure kids will be spending much more time outside. Their outdoor gear is essential.

Rain pants aren’t just for rainy days. The young kids at our school wear them rain or shine. A good pair of rain pants protect against wetness from the morning dew, mud, sand, ticks, and of course… rain and snow.

It’s time to embrace the balaclava. These combo hats/scarves/masks are big with the kids during ski season in our area. During Covid-times, they double as weather gear AND a mask. #MomWin

Your Sense of Humor

We can all agree that safety is our number one concern this school year. Everyone is trying their best to protect their family. For instance, I bought my kids these very practical suits to wear to school.

Great Ideas for your 2020 School Supply List from Some of our Friends:

We asked some of the internet’s funniest parents for their tips for their 2020 Back to school list. Check out what they had to say:

-I set up cubbies for the girls and bought a dry erase calendar. Also a laptop for the middle schooler, pencils, and paper. Lots of art supplies too. We also got them wireless mice for distance learning and headsets with mics for Zooms with teachers. –Kristen Miller Hewitt

-6 foot ruler, tech assistant –Stacey Waltzer, 40 Wishes and Counting

-Wine and pjs. –Ashford Evans, Biscuits and Crazy

-My boys and I were having a discussion the other day about how school would work (school started today) and they decided all the kids should have NERF guns and sticky Tac and shoot their papers to the teacher so there would be less contact. –Mikenzie Melius Oldham, Me and All My Boys

-Six boxes of crayons and sixteen cases of Diet Coke. (Both of these should last a solid 3 weeks, at least) Educational toys and games to play with the preschooler. Noggin subscription when you need your Diet Coke break from that. A trampoline for the backyard so the kids can move. Amazon Echo or Google Home Assistant, good for asking how to spell, playing music for a dance party break, setting alarms for starting/ending screen time, and more, although it will lose its charm somewhat when your kids figure it how to make it make fart sounds. Chocolate. Your kids deserve treats for making it through any given day, and quite frankly, so does every parent. -Ashley Pollock Farnsworth


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