11 Weeks Pregnant Vlog | Morning Sickness is NOT Just for Morning

11 weeks pregnant vlog pregnancy vlog momcave

We’ve been doing this MomCave thing over on YouTube for almost a year now, specializing in comedic videos for moms. We’ve got scripted shows (Slummy Mummy & Double Leche) and unscripted ones (MomCave LIVE & Blabbermom.) But one thing we haven’t done is “vlog.”

When I got the news that I was pregnant back in the fall, fellow YouTubers urged me to film some pregnancy vlogs. Apparently, that’s a big thing on YouTube. Who knew? So here is my attempt at an 11 weeks pregnant vlog. I talk about symptoms, when to tell my son he’ll be a big brother this summer, another surprise pregnancy very close to me, and how my husband may not be attending this birth.

How did YOU feel at 11 weeks?

11 Weeks Pregnant Vlog


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