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MomCave Mother's Day

In the 13 years I’ve been married, I’ve learned how to get what I want. Or at least a cheaper version of what I actually want. Here’s a list of awesome gift ideas for Mother’s Day, with both the “real” version and the “cheap” version of each item. Email this to the man in your life, stat.

(This post has some affiliate links, which means if you end up buying the item, I could make enough money to buy a coffee. But not from Starbucks. Only from Dunkin’ Donuts.)

What I Want: A Robot that Vacuums AND Scrubs


What I Might Get: A New Swiffer (Mine was broken by a kid)



What I Want: Some Classy-Ass Earrings

Tiffany Twist Earrings

Tiffany Twist Earrings, $850

What I Might Get: Earrings We Can Actually Afford…


What I Want: A Luxurious Day at the Spa


What I Might Get: A Massage I Can Do Myself




What I Want: A Cute Fancy Coach Bag

Coach Saddle Bag 23

Coach Saddle Bag 23 $395

What I Might Get: An Older, Yet Cheaper Model (No. I am not referring to myself!)

COACH Polished Pebble Leather Convertible Crossbody

Coach Crossbody from 6pm.com $124.99

What I Want: A Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean Cruise $2000

Mediterranean Cruise Starting at $2000

What I Might Get: A Dinner Cruise on the Hudson

NYC Dinner Cruise Bateaux NY $149

NYC Dinner Cruise Bateaux NY $149

What I Already Have: Cuddles from this one and her big brother.

MomCave Mother's Day

Me & My Youngest Last Mother’s Day • Emily DeWan Photography (www.emilydewan.com)

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