Movie Review: Mother’s Day Movie

Mother's Day Movie MomCave Valisa

I’m a huge movie buff. My husband is as well. But there are only a limited amount of ‘chick flicks’ my husband can take. Judging from the trailer, he decided Mother’s Day did not make the cut.

So when I was invited by Stroller in the City to a special screening of Garry Marshall’s new film Mother’s Day,  I was super excited.

Mother's Day Movie MomCave Valisa

Valisa takes in “Mother’s Day.”

Not only did I get to kick back with free popcorn and slurp on a cherry ICEE in the company of a great group of moms, we all got to go home with the ‘mother of all’ swag bags. This #SITCcelebratesMothersDay event hooked us up with two complimentary Fandango tickets, a Fandango coffee mug and sunglasses, a bag of delicious individually wrapped Lindt_Chocolate Lindor Truffles (which I’m addicted to now… thanks) and a $50 gift card to Cornelia Spa at The Surrey.

Mother’s Day Movie Review by MomCave’s Valisa

As for the film, while it may not take home any awards, I thought it was simply a cute collection of vignettes played by a star-studded cast. It was entertaining. The equivalent to a celebrity rag mag or a page-turner, beach read. I laughed at the funny parts (and there were a lot), I rolled my eyes at the silly parts that didn’t work. But most of all, I had a fun night out doing what I love… going to the movies. It’s always a bonus when a blooper reel rolls during the credits. Super fun!

Mother's Day movie MomCave


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