Last Minute Holiday Gifts | SLACKER MOM’s Guide to Holiday Gifts

Slacker Mom's Guide to Holiday Gifts

 Slacker Mom Saves Your Ass… Again.

Ah, holy hell. It’s holiday gift giving time. And if you’re a slacker like me, that means last minute holiday gifts.  As if having to roast overstuffed bloated birds while squabbling children run underfoot wasn’t enough, we’re also expected to find and select personalized holiday gifts for family members far and near.

Well, Slacker Mom’s Guide is back, ready to save your ass with last minute holiday gifts that are easy, cheap, and appear thoughtful.


Last Minute Holiday Gifts… Slacker Mom’s Guide to Holiday Gifts



For behind the scenes photos of our Slacker Mom shoot, check out the gallery below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a video! 

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