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Halloween Hacks MomCave

On this week’s MomCave LIVE, we talked Halloween Hacks. What kind of jerk invents a holiday that requires a mom to come up with a creative, suitable costume idea that their kid actually likes and then either hand-make that costume or buy an expensive version, stock the house with candy to give to other kids, and then allow their own kid to collect a whole sack of junk that will cause whining and tantrums to come for the next several weeks? Pagans, that’s who!

Halloween Hacks MomCave

Trick or Treating in NYC

And for the first time, we try out a little YouTube Mom Tag. We asked moms questions about their Halloween Hacks and invited them to submit a video response.

Halloween Hacks MomCave

Valisa and her little monsters

Halloween Hacks MomCave

Chef babies are the cutest!

Since we know your kid will be begging to eat all the crap they collected, we thought we’d help out but giving you some yummy and healthy snacks to offer them. Enter below to win a pack of snacks from our friends at Happy Family!

Halloween Hacks and Mama Tag onMomCave LIVE

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