What To Expect When Expecting vs REALITY

What to Expect

I don’t know about you, but when I was expecting my first child I had a very clear picture of what it would be like. From the pregnancy to the birth, breastfeeding and bouncing back, I was sure II have it all covered. Five years down the line and three kids later, I can now say: HA! Joke was totally on me because the reality was nothing like what I had expected.

The Pregnancy:

Everyone always talks about ‘the glow’ of pregnancy, you know – that sexy, beautiful super healthy skin and hair myth. However, the reality was nothing like what I had expected. From the backaches to the crying for no reason, I’m still looking for ‘the glow’ people promised me!

The Birth:

I was all set on having a super natural birth, no medications, no drugs, all natural… 10 cm later and 24 hours of labour and there was just one thing coming out of my mouth: GIVE ME THE DRUGS! 

The Breastfeeding:

I was totally set on breastfeeding and was prepared for eating super healthy so that my milk would be BEST. what can I say? I guess I love junk food too much…

Bouncing Back:

I thought this would be easy. All I needed to do was work out when the baby was asleep. Yeah, right, 5 years later I’m still waiting to ‘bounce back’.  

So, if you are expecting and want to know what’s REALLY coming your way, have a look at this video which will give you a pretty good idea!

What to Expect



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