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Review of clutch: a novel (and a giveaway below!)

Diaper bag giveaway clutch the novel momcaveclutch: a novel by Lisa Becker is a lot of things. It’s funny. It’s clever. It’s chick lit at it’s best. 
This novel is the kind of light and breezy page-turner you can take in after the kids go to bed. 
It reads like a screenplay. I can easily see it being optioned into a feature film. Fingers crossed!
This is an entertaining read about the dating life of Caroline Johnson, a Harvard Business School 
graduate who lives and works in Los Angeles as  a handbag designer. It chronicles her unsuccessful 
relationships with men she compares to different styles of handbags – the overly religious “Messenger Bag”
guy, the single “Diaper Bag” dad and the intense “Briefcase” business man to name a few. 
I would recommend this book to all women. Single woman in their thirties and forties who are at the top of 
their game career-wise but in the midst of the emotional roller coaster ride of the dating would especially love it. 
Good luck and good reading!

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