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Can Do Duck the Musical

“I say I can.
I make a plan.
I get right to it.
And then, I do it!”

Smart words from a baby duckling! There’s a new musical in town. (Downtown Manhattan that is.) Can Do Duck The Musical is a positive motivational musical for kids ages 3-11 playing at The Culture Project weekends through March 8th.

Can Do Duck the Musical

This was my four year old’s first musical and coming from two parents that met in theater school, that was an important milestone for us!

The show did not disappoint. It has cute songs, a great message, and most importantly, is interactive. Kids can sit on carpets surrounding three sides of the stage and are welcome to “comment” on the action.

Can Do Duck is the story of a little girl named Sarah who “helps” her dad with the children’s book he’s been struggling to write. As she draws pictures onto her dad’s manuscript, they come alive, first on a screen behind her and then as actual actors dressed as adorable singing ducks. Throughout the show, Sarah is missing her mom and keeps asking Dad when mom will be home. Dad is sad and vague and keeps answering that he doesn’t know when mom is coming back.

In the meantime, Sarah narrates the story of five newly hatched baby ducks. Their mama teaches them to walk, swim, and fly. The littlest duck conquers his fears each time, eventually earning the  moniker of “Can Do Duck.”

My favorite moment is when the story is complete and Sarah’s mom returns home. I won’t spoil the surprise–but I was all chocked up.

Can Do Duck the Musical









Can Do Duck the Musical

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