A Mother’s Thanksgiving… What I’m Thankful for

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My husband hates turkey. No matter how it’s prepared, he’ll complain. My uncle voted for Trump and my cousin is still feeling the Bern. My daughter has pink eye and a diaper rash and my son refuses to wear pants. I meant to shower, but ran out of time and am hosting in my yoga pants. But on this mother’s Thanksgiving, I’m grateful. And so are these moms from across the web.

  • I’m thankful for white noise machines and boxed wine.  -Elly Lonon, BugginWord
  • I’m thankful that just when you think the box of wine is empty, you can take the plastic bag out and salvage two more glasses. Win! -Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, MomCave
  • I’m thankful for a day off from carting my daughter around for dance. I’m also thankful for secret candy stashes. -Amy Mayo
  • I’m thankful that none of my in-laws speak or make an effort to speak English. -Rina Mae, Finding Dutchland
  • I am thankful that after 8 months of potty training my youngest is down to one accident a week or less. -Lola Marguerita, Live By Surprise
  • I’m thankful my daughter is not playing 2 sports this winter. Being a good, dedicated mother is tiring my ass out. -Teri Biebel, Snarkfest
  • (and one from a dad…) I’m thankful that I’m slowly going deaf. In addition dulling the sounds of screeching six-year-old girls it also provides me with plausible deniability in my relationship with my wife. -Richard Black, The Unfit Father
  • I’m thankful that turkey is a food that all three of my kids eat. -Jennifer Malia, Munchkin Treks

A Mother's Thanksgiving

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