New UK Mum Comedy | “The Littlest Boho”

UK Mum Comedy "The Littlest Boho"

Guest post from across the pond…

Sometime around the time my belly started sticking out with my first child, my name started to change to “Mummy.”  At first, it was just the health professionals checking on the pregnancy.  And then, once the baby was born, I became “Mumm”y to more people – the health visitors, doctors, people in the street, even my own mother called me Mummy:  ‘Would mummy like a cup of tea?’ or ‘And how’s Mummy?’

Being a grown up with opinions of my own, I thought that nothing would change once I started a family.  I would feel the same about my work.  I would feel the same about my partner.  And I would certainly keep up with all my friends.  I’d have a lovely little accessory to dress up and show off.  Sure, we’d bond and everything, but if there was a night out planned with the girls, there would be no problem leaving the little one behind.  I’d feel fine about that, and of course there’d be no shortage of friends and relations happy to babysit.

Obviously, I was misguided on several fronts.  My partner went from being a fairly supportive ally to someone I would compete with on a crazy tally of who had done the most grueling stuff/had the least sleep/deserved some time out.  My friends, though lovely, didn’t seem to be jumping up and down waiting for an opportunity to babysit. And I was a bit too tired to go out anyway.  Oh yeah, and I seemed to have fallen in love with my child.

UK Mum Comedy "The Littlest Boho"


And with love comes another kind of crazy.  The craziness of parents who would do anything for their child even if it means pushing all the other kids out of the way.  The crazy that I started to write about with my writing partner Cara.  And so we made The Littlest Boho.  A comedy which is about women who are mums and women who aren’t.  How they stay friends, and how they are on completely different planets from each other, seemingly spiraling away over a distance of one night stands and school applications.


Watch episode one of “The Littlest Boho” here.

 New UK Mum Comedy | The Littlest Boho, Episode One



New UK Mum Comedy Sophie Trott Cara JenningsWriter/performers Sophie Trott and Cara Jennings have been working together since 2012.  In that time they’ve created a range of digital comedy shorts, performed sketch and character comedy live in London, and in plays. They’re currently working on new narrative comedy TV projects for the BBC and Citrus.
Sophie is a mum of one, with another one on the way. She started her career as an actor, and trained at the physical comedy improvisation school, École Philippe Gaulier. She has worked extensively in TV, film and theatre in the UK. She’s currently filming alongside Judi Dench in Victoria and Abdul, directed by Stephen Frears.
Cara started performing, writing and directing comedy as part of the three-woman sketch group The Secret Gardeners, who performed extensively on the London Fringe and at Edinburgh. Her show, ‘Millie and Tillie Do You!’ was a finalist of the Funny Women awards. She’s worked on many short films and has been performing her first stand-up gigs. She also has been writing plays. Most recently Stray, which she performed with Sophie earlier in the year.

Mommy Tummy… Mummy Tummy… Moms ARE Beautiful!

mommy tummy mummy tummy mom body image body after baby

Mommy Tummy, mummy tummy, mom jeans… words that have inspired dread in the hearts of many a procreating woman.  Once my body had expanded to grow an entire human and subsequently expelled that human, I wasted valuable baby-sleeping time Googling the phrases “how to lose your mummy tummy,” “how to avoid mommy tummy,” and “how the f-%3k do Victoria Secret models get back into shape postpartum?”mommy tummy mummy tummy mom body image body after baby After a few months, I accepted that my body, specifically my abdomen,  would never be the same. Here at MomCave, we think moms’ bodies are beautiful. Before, during, AND after pregnancy. We should celebrate that as a badge of honor. Our bodies did something magical. We grew a human!! We kept it in there for months at a time!

To celebrate the beauty of motherhood, in all it’s shapes and sizes, we asked our viewers to send us photos of their mommy tummies. We compiled a video of mom bellies of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes.  MomCave Presents…. The Mummy Tummy!

MomCave Celebrates the Mummy Tummy… Mommy Tummy!

Thanks to the following proud mamas: (in no particular order) Harmony Hobbs–Modern Mommy Madness Nicole Yniguez-Mommy Tips By Cole Danielle- MamaLilLadies- Robyn Passante-Holding the Strings Sidney–Teenage Mommy Jo-Anne Reynolds Katy-PoopEatSleep Emily Van Do–Mama Never Told Me Blog Dina Drew Jaleesa Graham-Model Monet  Shirleyann Rafaela Cameron Jennifer Weedon PalazzoMomCave Lisa Kramer Sarah Lawson– Angela-Akward Mommy Sunny Gault-New Mommy Media Tammy-MsPrettyMum Atasha-5 Baskets of Laundry Angel-Making Baby Taylor Angela-Angela’s Happy Family Elizabeth Sweeny- Mission Glow Susie-Super Susie Homemaker Stephanie-VeegMama

Easy Cheap Costume Ideas | Slacker Mom’s Guide to Halloween

Easy Cheap Halloween Costumes Slacker Mom MomCave

Step away from Pinterest. Don’t even look at your Instagram. Slacker Mom is here, ready to save your ass again,  with easy cheap costume ideas for kids or adults.

Slacker Mom's Guide To Halloween

In this episode of our Slacker Mom’s Guide, the MomCave moms throw together some funny easy cheap Halloween costumes from items they found around the house. If you’re as much as a slacker (procrastinator?) as we are, we’ve got you covered!

Easy Cheap Costume Ideas | Slacker Mom’s Guide to Halloween


Stay tuned for more episodes of Slacker Mom. Have an idea you’d like us to cover? Tweet us @MomCaveTV. We’re also accepting YOUR Slacker Mom videos for future episodes.

This video was made by possible by a grant from the town of Dover, VT and the Independent TV & Film Festival.

Easy Cheap Halloween Costumes Slacker Mom MomCave

Breastfeeding at Work| 1950’s Instructional Filmstrip Parody | Double Leche

1950's Breastfeeding at Work Parody

Working mamas take note! What would breastfeeding at work in the “olden days” look like? Check out this episode of our web series Double Leche, about funny and awkward moments in nursing. 

In this episode, we had some fun creating a parody of those old timey “instructional film strips” about breastfeeding at work. 

Do you have a pumping at work story to share? Comment below.

1950’s Breastfeeding at Work Parody by MomCave | Double Leche

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1950's Breastfeeding at Work Parody


What I Thought I would Say vs What I Really Wanted To Say (and what I actually said)

What I thought I would say vs What I really did say

If you are like me, then you probably had an idea of what kind of mom you would be before you actually had children. I imagined myself as the calm and collective type who would always know the right thing to say and never lose her sh*t no matter how messy things got. Boy, was I wrong! Five years down the line, being a mom of three drama queens has taught me that NOTHING is like I expected. What I am most surprised about is how I deal with the day to day challenges and how differently I react to them from how I thought I would. Here are a few examples:


The Supermarket Tantrum:

Before having kids I was sure I would be calm as a cucumber if it ever happened. Even though I was sure my kids would NEVER throw tantrums. (Yeah, right). But the first time it did happen (and every single time since), I was amazed by what I actually wanted to say and what I ended up saying. My policy these days is ‘get them out of the store as fast as possible’ and if that means giving in where I thought I would stand strong, I say go for it mama – anything to avoid the public humiliation!


When They Wake Up At Night:

In my imagination I would be happy to see my kids at all times, even at night when they woke me up over and over again. In reality, this so did not happen. From sleepless nights to waking up way before dawn, when they wake me these days it takes everything I’ve got in me not to burst out in tears and scream, “GO TO BED!”


When I Finally Make Plans To Go Out:

To start, I thought I would be the “‘cool mom.”- The kind of mom that went out with her friends and got drunk on a weeknight. In reality, there’s just too much laundry to do! 


Watch the video to see more and don’t forget to follow Tova on Facebook:

What I thought I would say vs What I really did say


Mom Mobiles! | MomCave LIVE with Elizabeth Broadbent and Meredith Masony

Mom Mobiles

MomCave LIVE is back! Our live show has been called “Wayne’s World for Moms” and been nominated for an IAWTV (International Academy of Web TV) Award for Best Live Series. On this episode, our guests are Elizabeth Broadbent of Manic Pixie Dream Mama and Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate. Elizabeth wrote a great post called “The Sedimentary Layers of My Minivan,” which is the inspiration for this episode’s topic.

We talk mom mobiles, ways to fancy up your wine, and how minivans kill our souls.

With a giveaway from Life Changer, the only combination diaper bag and portable changer! Use it for on-the-go changing and to help keep your car just a touch less messy. Enter below.

 Mom Mobiles on MomCave LIVE

Some Photographic Evidence of Mom Mobiles:


The LifeChanger Diaper Bag Giveaway

Mom Mobiles

What To Expect When Expecting vs REALITY

What to Expect

I don’t know about you, but when I was expecting my first child I had a very clear picture of what it would be like. From the pregnancy to the birth, breastfeeding and bouncing back, I was sure II have it all covered. Five years down the line and three kids later, I can now say: HA! Joke was totally on me because the reality was nothing like what I had expected.

The Pregnancy:

Everyone always talks about ‘the glow’ of pregnancy, you know – that sexy, beautiful super healthy skin and hair myth. However, the reality was nothing like what I had expected. From the backaches to the crying for no reason, I’m still looking for ‘the glow’ people promised me!

The Birth:

I was all set on having a super natural birth, no medications, no drugs, all natural… 10 cm later and 24 hours of labour and there was just one thing coming out of my mouth: GIVE ME THE DRUGS! 

The Breastfeeding:

I was totally set on breastfeeding and was prepared for eating super healthy so that my milk would be BEST. what can I say? I guess I love junk food too much…

Bouncing Back:

I thought this would be easy. All I needed to do was work out when the baby was asleep. Yeah, right, 5 years later I’m still waiting to ‘bounce back’.  

So, if you are expecting and want to know what’s REALLY coming your way, have a look at this video which will give you a pretty good idea!

What to Expect



Target White Wine Taste Test |Hobbs & Hayworth on MomCave

Target White Wine Taste Test

Are you the kind of mom who buys both her clothing and her wine from Target? Can you tell a Sofia from a Fancy Pants?  Hobbs & Hayworth are back with a TARGET white wine taste test. The comedic duo selected three of “Tar-jay’s” finest vintages to sample. It’s possible they may have just chosen them by the looks of their pretty bottles. See how Harmony and Audrey did at identifying the different types of grapes.

And comment below with the name of your favorite cheap affordable white wine!

Target White Wine Taste Test | Hobbs & Hayworth

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The three wines in this video are:

Sofia Riesling, Fancy Pants Pinot Grigio, Lindeman’s Chardonnay-Riesling

Target White Wine Taste Test

6 Reasons Why I love C-Sections


When I tell people how much I love cesarean births I usually get looks ranging from shocked to confused. Sometimes I think people believe I say it for “shock value”. But, I’m not. I love c-sections. I think they’re the greatest thing since boxed wine and here’s why:

It’s A Planned Birth

I love c-sections

For my second child I didn’t want to walk around those last days of my pregnancy (which move at the speed of a sloth) wondering if that day would be the day I had a baby. I decided to take matters into my own hands by coordinating a day around my family’s schedule and proclaiming it baby’s birthday! With my first pregnancy I was overdue by a week and spent 24 hours in an induced labor, which led me to have an emergency c-section. I knew I would never do that again and having the option to plan my second birth was music to my ears. 

No Stress and Anxiety

The closer I get to giving birth the more stress and anxiety I began to feel. With my first pregnancy I obsessed over when my water would break, how much water would there be, what would that pain feel like and how much pain would I feel before my baby arrived. It consumed me. But with my planned c-section for the second go-round there wasn’t any of that. I was even calm for my first. I knew exactly what was going to happen which left me feeling cool as a cucumber.

No Labor Pain

With my first, the physical sensations of labor were what could only be described as probably the worst type of period cramping. I felt everything. The epidural was not working on me. But that’s not the case with c-sections. I got something called a spinal anesthesia. It makes you completely numb from the neck down. Which, in my opinion, is exactly how childbirth should be. 

No Pushing

Giving birth is like..... .

This pretty much speaks for itself. With all of the modern medicine we have at our disposal, I would never choose labor pains and pushing when I don’t have to. 

They’re Quick

I don’t have the patience to wait for nature to take its course when it comes to labor and delivery. When I was induced for my first pregnancy I was in bed for 24 hours with no sign of my daughter showing up, which is why I needed the emergency c-section. It took less than an hour to get prepped, Sierra removed from my womb and to get stitched up. To me that is a whole lot better than laying in a hospital bed seemingly forever angry, sweating and cussing.

Longer Hospital Stays

When you have children at home and you’re preparing for the birth of another nothing will look sweeter to you than a 4 day stay at your local hospital. That’s two extra days longer than having a vaginal birth. Who’s in a rush to get home? Not I. I told family and friends to stay home so that I can treat my four days like a mini getaway. The stay allowed me enjoy the peacefulness I knew I wouldn’t get at home. It also let me focus on the start of my recovery and bond with my baby without people hovering over me.

Why I love c-sections


Becoming My Mother. It’s Official.

becoming my mother

Becoming my mother?

I remember thinking, “There is no way in hell that I will turn into my Mother.” At 21, I was young, smart, and fancy-free. Now, at 35 years old, it is official….I am not just becoming my mother. I have completely turned into my mother. I wear a bathrobe. I rarely put on pants. I carry my dog around like a child. I have several snotty tissues in my pockets at all times, and I steal silverware from restaurants. After having three kids and growing up, I can’t remember why I wanted to avoid turning into my mother. I have a good Mom. She has a bit of a Goodwill addiction and steals Sweet n Low packets like the price of saccharin has has skyrocketed to unimaginable prices. Still, I am proud to be just like my mom. Check out my video and tell me how you are turning into your mother. Circle of life baby, Circle of life.


Becoming My Mother